Tuesday, May 24, 2011


These are some of the recent clicks on the same great-grand father donated mobile.
Nephew tries his click trick at Marina

New residence under construction at Chennai

New residence under construction at Chennai

Cake and affection from a dear friend's family on my birthday

Wifie's pose

A dear Pakistani friend cooked veg food for my family

Along with a close friend's family in Dubai

Hehe, your own best friend's family

I was sitting at our home entrance in Sharjah talking to the watchman when I clicked this

Well, daughter dear

My God, P is going to pounce on me. He did not give permission to post this photo. But I can't resist introducing you to my best friends/journalists Parag (T-shirt) and Bhaskar (folded hands-coz his wife was there and he was scared hehe)
PS: As usual blame poor photos on my mobile. If you want to gift a new one, hey don't ya.


  1. Ramesh,

    Mobile pictures are very good...it is the subject that matters..not camera :)))) Most females say you are handsome and I am jealous because of that :)))))

  2. Nice happy family, Ramesh! God bless you!

  3. For a change we get to see our best friend's family, and all of you look good. Thanks for introducing us to your family and friends.

  4. So nice to see all happy...Love your Chennai residence already! Though I can't get over it that you didn't share your Bday cake with me ;)

  5. Nice to visit your blog after a long time. The pictures of mobile are very nice. Wonderful post.

  6. Nice pics and good to see your family.

  7. Pheww.......its my last attempt in trying to comment..facing a weird problem ,can't comment with my blogger profile in some blogs.
    Good pictures :)

  8. Great pictures, its nice to meet some of your family.

    The cactus your wife is standing next to is so impressive, only in my dreams will my cacti grow even half as big.

    I'm also having problems signing in with google on some sites, thankfully I signed in ok on yours.

  9. Hi ramesh ji..Nice pictures ..you and your family looks awesome in all the photos

  10. Boss nice pictures!lovely views!
    keep it up!