Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beauties behind bars

We were walking on Al Wahda Street when my friend suddenly said, “See those beauties. Sad, they are in a cage.”
I turned and saw those two attractive parrots ‑ a cute pair – caged and displayed outside a shop. I remembered my younger days when I watched from the window parrots biting off juicy mangoes from a tree and passing off a “Not for you, stupid,” look.
It was tough to see the stunning beauties in multiple colours and apple-
red beak shunted behind bars, unable to even flap their wings leisurely
or fly beyond a foot.
What a contradiction! Just recently, I saw that ugly crocodile dozing
off in muddy water at a zoo. All that s/he did was to open an eye,
wink at me and blissfully doze off again.
“Just like money, beauty is not everything,” I told my friend and he
looked impressed with the “great philosophy.”
When I returned home, my wife shouted, “Where did you vanish? I
kept that Garnier dye ready for you.”
Hey, talking about beauty reminds me of the joke you might have heard.
“Wow, you look dazzling,” he said.
“Thanksss…,” she blushed.
“Must have spent at least three hours at the saloon,” he murmured.


  1. I feel the same too when I see the caged least in the bird parks they have enough space to fly around.

  2. Lol... beauty is one thing that gets you caged.. quite a thought..

  3. I too feel sad seeing the caged birds. They can never be happy in their life!

    How much money spent at the parlour?!

  4. And then she spilled all the juice on his shirt, oh by mistake. That is how your story should end. :D

  5. I feel, like we enjoy freedom animals and birds must be allowed to live their life.Greedy humans make life difficult for others.

    Now the cat is out of the bag. Garnier:). I was wondering how come you have dazzling jet black hair
    tc dear friend

  6. Even I hate see caged birds. Our neighbour has a parrot in a cage, he also has lots of birds, although they are looked after they are caged, it is sad. Nobody even pets them or talk to them. They also have a parrot which is really very cute and makes sound like a cat, whistles and does other things that it can pick up. But the cage is too small for big birds like parrots. I wish people would understand, that it is against nature for the birds to be caged, that too in small cages/spaces.

  7. So Garnier is it Ramesh !!!!! lol!!!!!

  8. Such beautiful ones, sad that they are caged!

  9. well, on a lighter note its good they are safe and taken care off in those cages or otherwise they would have met the same brutal fate as their family member.

    When I was young we used to see many of those birds nesting on the Neem Tree near my house. Things have changed now, over population leading to pollution and cutting of trees have completely shifted the paradigm.

    Come to my blog whenever you get time. You are a senior blogger and your review will certainly help me in improving my writing skills.

  10. i do not like caged birds.
    and when i see try to hint the person about that directly or indirectly

  11. Sad to hear about the birds...

    Please ignore earlier comment, I guess I was dozing off as I wrote it :)

  12. hmmm..that 's why i used to tell that i wish to be born as a crow... free lunch, no cage, probably no greying too.. illa?

  13. Tell me..How much Garnier paid you for making this post?

  14. I have some caged parrots and birds too. I am also for freedom of birds but if I realize them they will die in no time. We look after them well, give them a lot of love and they interact with us beautifully. We also let them out of the cages for extended time periods. My kids also enjoy playing with them. So, I don't feel guilty.

    The joke should have ended that Yes, I spent 3 hours in the salon but you would never look presentable even if you spent your entire life there :).

  15. I too find it difficult to see caged birds or animals.As you right mentioned, beauty is not everything.

  16. hahaha so it's Garnier dye huh :P
    entertaining post :D

  17. For me it makes no sense to put birds in cage and put flowers in vase.

    Liked your joke.

  18. Guess me writing here that its sad abt those birds put in cage doesnt make really ny difference coz they r still going 2 b there, these days everything is just commercialised.. and beauty is in top of it...
    Garnier dye huh!!!

  19. Good post, Buddy. Liked the 'moral of the story' as Adi would call it.