Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where's the soup, boss?

Weather in Bangalore is great compared to the sticky, sultry Chennai. Earlier when I travelled by Shadabdi Express, I used to be thrilled by the various food items served by the train crew. Every hour we were served some snack, beverage or soup. This time I found the soup had gone missing and so did several other items. I saw some passengers complaining, but the reply was, "food prices have gone up sir, the train ticket has remained same."
Visited Forum Mall in Bangalore and came to the conclusion that the producers of Slumdog Millionaire and author of Booker prize-The White Tiger, Arvind Adiga, had not seen the other side of India, the prosperous category. They have clearly failed to notice the poverty-to-prosperity march by many Indians. The stinking rich have been openly flaunting their heavy pockets. I do not like this, but enjoy the prospect of everyone becoming rich or at least turning better off.
The scene at the mall was none different from the ones say in Dubai or Hamburg. In fact, people looked more happier and girls hugging boys on the street, which was uncommon earlier, is common now. Sorry red brigade, capitalism has helped India. Nein, of course, no denying there are millions going to bed without proper lunch/dinner, not even a full bread. Like the several red brigade activists who shout slogans against capitalists and end up in America for further studies/job, I am also confused. But I feel they have ample opportunity to rise up and grab the grub. The politicians too should give them a helping hand. Lemme tell you that there are some communists I have seen who have seriously good intentions, unfortunately, they seem to be too tied with their dogma and less flexible. Let the left and right move towards the centre, and watch the fun of "The Middle Path."
Haan, I liked the "Annadaan" programme of ISKCON. My wife is trying to be a regular contributor to this food project and it's good news that they feed thousands of hungry children and even have received a pat from the UN and Obama.


  1. cool, so u liked bangalore and forum mall especially. That has been my sole weekend haunt - ending up usually in landmark..eating at McD and coming back...other than that, I have been sleeping and sleeping out here...enuf! waiting to go back to Pune...take care :)

  2. Sounds as if you are having a great time...I will check out the Annadaan/ISKCON program you mention. Imagine the weather difference in different places in India...such a large country! <3

  3. Dear Ramesh Bhai,

    Well, looking merely at the title of this post suggests that it might just be a simple one.

    But you started with informing the reader about the missing soup and then went on to discuss so many subjects of the society? Really, you have packed in lots and lots of stuff in this one single post.

    Yes let’s hope that, “The left and right move towards the centre, and watch the fun of "The Middle Path”.

    Contributing something or the other towards “Free food distribution schemes” is always kind and appreciable :)


  4. Capitalism itself is not a bad thing; it's good that people have unlimited earning potential. The evil side is that for many, money becomes more important than the planet we rely on to sustain us, human beings and our vulnerable you see the way that factories pollute, over-work and under-pay their laborers and abuse that factory-farmed animals endure, all in the name of making a higher profit for the shareholders. Like everything else, there must be a balance. Capitalism plus lack of government regulation is a toxic combination, as evidenced by the economic state my beloved country is in at the moment. Capitalism plus regulation is much better.

    You wife is a wonderful woman to be involved in such a worthy cause. Nobody deserves to go to bed hungry. She is helping to feed her fellow human beings and feeding her spirit at the same time. :)

    Peace and love to you. Namaste

  5. Times have moved on and so has our generations....more are to come...hehehe!!!!

  6. Interesting post. I totally agree with your views on the red brigade. This reminds of the class with had with Documentary film maker Anant Patwardhan. He said, he loves making films on real social issues but when he wants to make money he goes to America.

  7. you know red brigade never listen to anyone. Thus they suffer a lot.

  8. Oh! you in Bangalore. Welcome.. Have a great time here. Nice you spoke about forum mall and ISKCON.


  9. very nice post...
    I've had a similar experience while traveling by train recently...the cost cutting is visible everywhere!

  10. Yes, things are changing and as you have brought out, some things are not necessarily changing for the worse.

  11. hey you are in India .So nice. I was not having internet facilities for about a month since i was in a remote area but now i am back !! Missed your lovely blogs. Me still in chennai. My contact is 09840835470.

  12. Well Ramesh, if you play God for a day and had two choices:
    1. An India where there is the entire wealth is restricted to certain areas around say 12 cities with the rest of the country as it is.
    2. An India with the same amount of wealth but distributed more or less evenly across the county.
    Without going into the economics of it, which one would you choose?
    If you do choose the former, then there is no doubt that the SMs and Adigas will have a field day. India will never be a developed country. There will be several thousands hugging each other in fashionable malls and feeling happy in general. But the vast millions will still go to bed hungry or worry about the roof over their heads or the increase in the prices of kerosene.
    I agree that choosing the latter would mean that I might not be typing this comment right now. But at least none of the citizens will have to worry about where their next meal will be coming from. But this would at the very least lead to lots of talented, dissatisfied people migrating to other countries.
    So what then is the solution? Well, as you say we must follow the golden Middle Path which does not really need adherence to any ideology. Just an honest, intelligent and socially-aware government would do.
    The issue, for sure, isn't about any "isms".
    And I am not not saying all these because I am a Communist which I am not :)

  13. there are gud ppl like him as well as bad ppl.there is mohan a istriwallah in my locality in chennai.
    he is a no 1 rogue fraudster.
    u give him clothes u will never get back or it will be spoiled if u ask him he will shout
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