Sunday, August 9, 2009

Morons in business

Long time, no jokes, I told comrade Anil. He shared what he had heard:
Four morons decided to start a business. “A restaurant is the best,” suggested one. All agreed and pooled a huge investment to start a restaurant. Even weeks after the inauguration, not a single customer entered the eatery.
Reason: They had put a board “Outsiders not allowed.” (Instead of “outside food”).
They decided to start a garage. Weeks after, there was not a single vehicle that came for servicing.
Reason: Their garage was on the second floor.
Fed up, they decided to run a taxi. Weeks after, there was not a single passenger.
Reason: All four of them were in the taxi all the time.
No business anymore, cried one. Okay, let’s push the vehicle into the sea and disperse, said another.
One full day they tried, but the vehicle did not budge an inch.
Reason: Two were pushing from the front, while two were pushing from the rear.
Concluding, Anil asked me: “Could you lend them a helping hand?”
Why me, do I look like a moron? I asked him.
“Which moron accepts he’s one?” he asked and disappeared before I could clench my fist.


  1. But you asked for it Ramesh :D

  2. Ha ha ha! Hilarious post! enjoyed reading it:)

  3. haha, i think i too am a moron. i want to start a restaurant, thats my ultimate Dream. Nice post:))

  4. I was in need of a laugh and you didn't disappoint!

  5. I liked your post as it is very interesting and enjoyed it very much.

  6. I am laughing still, Ramesh! I thought you will make the last statement!

  7. That was a great post to start my day with !!

  8. Good one!Enjoyed it!

  9. I had heard the joke earlier but your ending had me ROFL

  10. Haha... That was grt. Simplistic humor. Loved it brother.

  11. That was funny. Nothing like starting your day with some humour.

  12. Heh! Thanks for the smile I needed it today. =)
    Our home is in chaos and will be for weeks now as we are changing the heating system. I don't like chaos it makes me forget to smile.