Friday, September 16, 2011

A couple of complex couples

I asked a friend whether he opted for love marriage or arranged.
“You want to know whether I opted for suicide or murder?” he joked.
Marriage indeed is a complex subject.
I know a couple married for long, but never talk to each other. They even have a son. When I entered their home, the husband moved out quickly without uttering a word. Wonder how they live together without talking to each other for so many years.
Another friend’s wife had a peculiar habit. She will make certain demands. If refused, she will wake up at night and create a scene by cutting her wrist.
A close buddy recently bought a Land Cruiser. His wife refused to talk to him for three days. Reason: The guy allowed a female colleague to sit on the front seat next to him while dropping her home.
When I tried to convince her, she snapped: “Will your wife allow a girl to sit next to you in your new car?”
“First, I do not have a car. Second, if my wife had been so possessive…,” I stopped and thanked God.
The subject also reminds me of a joke from the Internet.
“Doctor, any medicine for long life?”
“Get married.”
“How will it help?”
“You will forget need for long life.”


  1. Ha.. ha..ha. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  2. this was really nice!
    even I know a man, who, when refused a demand would band his head on the wall..hee hee!

    the great writer Khushwant Singh says marriage is a rotten institution. I dont know this but it is an essential evil for sure!~=

  3. Sad stories. :| But, I like the joke.

  4. hmmm...everyone needs space of their own....

    Its clever people who knows when to allow their spouse such space....

    Good one !

  5. ha...ha, doctor's medicine is too good...

  6. Hopefully your wife did not read will be in trouble. If my wife finds out you are my friend, I am in trouble. So my wife is not reading this post.........

  7. I certainly feel bad for these couples... Not sure what still holds them together.

  8. ohh girls are so suspicious :P

    Weakest LINK

  9. so funny Ramesh..lolz..
    wife cutting a wrist...sitting on the front seat... and get married ,,dont need longer life!

    I think marriage is best thing can happen to anyone ask why??? teaches a lesson everyday in life which no other class can do!

  10. Anni romba kaachcheettangalo? nethu kooda iva sonna, ithu vanthu neenga en kooda sayangalam sandai pottathukku thandanai.. enna thandanai nnu gnabakam vara maattenguthu.. nice post..

  11. Lol that was an interesting medicine...
    Marriage sure is a complex subject but I think its not that bad as well...
    I liked this post because its open to reader's opinion:)

  12. “Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.”
    ― Simone Signoret

  13. A Happy Marriage is entirely based on TRUST...
    Wonder how these so called couples that you have mentioned here be the way they are.

  14. hahaha... a nice post.. marriage has indeed become a funny topic to be discussed among friends and especially among families...

    PS: Loved your blog title.. Global Madarasi... LOL.. Am so proud to be a Madarasi (or call the Chennaite) :)

  15. visitng u r blog afta a long tym, it was a delight to read all the posts that i missed...

    bout this post, we'll, i know noting regarding the topic of marriage, so i better leave tht field... nywyas the joke was gud..lolzz!!!


  16. What? Another woman in the front seat of a new car? I would have killed him! He he.... But many of you guys would be "ok" with your wife coming home in the front seat of her boss's car? Possessiveness is also a form of love. :D

  17. hehe So funny! Some wives and husbands can get so possessive, jealous, insecure stifling the relationship in the bargain. I've seen some of the kind you mentioned. I would wonder if my husband dropped a female colleague or friend if she did not sit in the front seat? I mean, is my husband a chauffeur to drive her around sitting in the front seat :). It is so ridiculous. I also thank my stars that my husband is not like some other controlling maniacs that I read and know of. Trust is a crucial element especially for a marriage.

  18. I agree with Kavitha... those hundreds of tiny threads are not always coated with love. They are a mix of love, understanding, many visible and invisible factors...

    Over the years many couples learn to understand and develop a deeper love based on friendship which is not at all possessive.

  19. "Hundreds of tiny threads which needs to be sewed together due to coercion and lack of any other option" completes the above quote.

  20. hehe. good one. has a good piece of advice for singles like me :P !!

  21. funny!! and nicely written piece!! marriage is complex, but not dreadful I guess.

    As much as I know, its about how well two people mutually understand and accept each other!! a perfect couple is practically impossible - its about being happy and adjusting with every situation without complaining!!

  22. ooohhh.. come on... just because you have seen some weird couples doesn't not mean everyone is the same and no marriages work...
    My mom and dad had a arranged marriage.. and trust me.. I have never seen such a prefect couple like them, its been 30yrs of their marriage but still they are so much in love with each other...
    so stop complaining and start believing... :) life is beautiful and so are relationships :)

  23. wooaaaa I would say those are scary stories :P atleast it's scaring me from getting married.

  24. Thats why they say on the day SHAHEED hone ja raha hai :) he he he h


  25. :)

    enjoyed reading ur posts...keep it up,cheers!