Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Teacher 'passed away'

The supervisor of an Indian school in Dubai entered a Grade X classroom expecting a serious session.
“Who’s India’s railway minister?” she asked.
“Pratibha Patil,” replied a student.
“That’s the president,” corrected the teacher.
As the class erupted in laughter, another student raised her hands.
“Ma’am, it’s Sonia Gandhi.”
“Enough. Who is the hero of the film Don2?" asked the teacher.
“Shah Rukh Khan,” this time the class replied in chorus.
School life is fun indeed.
A peon saw children making noise and told them, “Go to your seats and sit quiet. Our principal is rounding the school.”
As the children laughed over “rounding,” a boy told the peon, “Do not say rounding. It is wrong English. Say principal is rotating the school.”
I heard more such hilarious incidents.
A science instructor entered a classroom and asked the children, “Did any of you see the English teacher?”
“Ya ma’am,” replied a kid. “She just passed away that side.”


  1. hahaaa...thats why they say..."english is funny language...:))

    on serious note....on occasions one may forget who is Pratibh Patil??? Because till now what does she has to her credit except for being present at the swearing ceremonies of ministers or saluting the National flag.....

  2. Funny although I have heard many variations of these jokes.

  3. Ha ha ha ... we get to hear many such quotes sometimes.

  4. I thought it was you in Don 2 . Hero looks so much like you in promos :)
    Loved the post as always .

  5. Ramesh...only you can make us smile and laugh like this ...thanks...Mind becomes light when I read your post.

  6. we know more about film stars rather then other stuff.. and passed away was hilarious.. can relate to it :)

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  7. hehe Really funny. Kids can be unintentionally funny at times :).

  8. School is fun that way! I remember discussing movies with the teenagers I used to teach, just to control their minds from wandering out off the class. Not that my classes were boring or anything. ;)

    You are suiciding English yaar, what is this? :D

  9. he he he made me smile :) thank you for that smile


  10. ah good one, my 12 year old read this and enjoyed too. He shares such school anecdotes with me.

  11. Old jokes, but nice to read them once over.

  12. Haha. That just reminded me abt one of them, which our P.T sir used to say - "all you fellas there stand in a straight circle"

  13. Kids and how they make us smile with these hilarious quotes uttered in innocence.

  14. I have come across quite a few adults speaking such a hilarious English that too educated and employed in a good IT firms :-)