Monday, May 28, 2012

Take the bull by its horn

The best way to kill fear is to face the brute and take the bull by its horn.
I used to be scared of cockroaches and run/dance around the room when chased by them. Unlike in Sharjah, these pests are huge in size in Chennai. Many a times I had jumped to evade, but actually landed on them. It was later that I learnt the art of chasing them with a broom. Wow, what fun, you should see them running from me now.
Fear is indeed just a product of the mind.
Heard a beautiful story on this.
A fisherman was venturing out into the sea when a friend told him, “Don’t go, the weather is rough.” The fisherman laughed and moved on.
“How did your grandfather die?” asked the friend, trying to stop him.
“He got caught in a storm while fishing and died,” replied the fisherman.
“How did your dad die?” came the next question.
“He died when the weather turned rough and the boat developed a leak,” replied the fisherman.
“And yet you venture out in this weather without fear?” the friend was surprised.
Now the fisherman asked the guy the same questions.
"How did your grandfather die?"
"Of cancer, in hospital bed."
"How did your dad die?"
"Of old age, peacefully in bed."
“And yet you go to bed everyday!” 


  1. I liked this explanation in the story..
    Jab jab jo jo hona tab so so hoke hi rahega..we can't just stop living because of fear.
    ... and so true, Fear is the product of our minds !

  2. Ah!!!! Nice one!!
    Fear is a state of mind!

  3. Yes being brave wins almost every situation. Nice said Ramesh!

  4. Very true. If we let "fear" get the better of us, we would have time to live.

  5. You do realise that every time I visit your blog I'm going to picture you dancing around the room, a huge cockroach in hot pursuit.

  6. so true... everything's in the mind!

  7. Nice story Bhai! :) yes fear is challenging until we face the situation, once we overcome it, we look back surprised as to how hesitant we were initially!! :)

    Thanks for sharing!! take care :)

  8. Well Said! fear is indeed a product of the mind.

  9. It is only in the mind as a result of elders having scared us while we were kids

  10. So you have taken taken pest control-read 'cockroach control ' in hand. happy dancing around!!

  11. Brilliant Post buddy!

    Where do you get such ideas, anecdotes and skills from? :)

    You gotcha fan!

  12. the ydo say attack is the best policy
    if we work hard with all our mind and true intention then all is easy to do


  13. Everything is in the mind. I keep on telling myself too! But it doesn't heed!

  14. How true and what a nice way of putting it :)

  15. Moral of the story:
    Ramesh vs. Roach - who wins? Fear!


  16. Ramesh, What an encyclopedia on reasons of life -expiration?????
    ****too scary yaar!

    but it's impressive yaar---

  17. excellent deduction by the fisherman. But, some fears seem so irrational like I have one of lizards. How does one conquer those?

  18. as always,I love the stories that follow every post of yours, they are hilarious and also have a meaning in them!

  19. Loved that fisherman story ! Amazing how you come up with interesting stuff :) Eppadi Saar .....Eppadi !!

  20. yes nice
    one needs to face it and one needs someone who can give confidence to face that