Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hair-raising marketing

The middle-aged man was jogging ahead of me at Sharjah’s beautiful Buhairah Corniche walkers’ zone. His silky-smooth hair bounced up and down as he ran. He slowed down a little ahead when a friend of his came along.

“How do you manage to maintain such a sleek hairstyle?” his friend asked the question I wanted to ask. 

“Simple. It is imported and expensive,” said the man, as he removed his wig and flashed a smile.

Hairstyle. I did not know that men care so much to groom the curls. 
I was having breakfast at a restaurant with my wife. 
A woman was tirelessly convincing the cook to purchase a hair-growth tonic. 
To buy or not to buy, that was the question. The dilemma injected stress which flashed across the man’s face. 
The price quoted could easily be one-fourth of the cook’s monthly salary. After all, the tonic was to be applied for months. 
“You will smile and appreciate me when you get back your Shah Rukh Khan hairstyle,” the seller continued.
The cook could not take it any more. He fell for the “bait.” 
The seller’s eyes fell on me.
“No, I have enough hair on my head,” I implied with my eyes as I ran to the counter with the bill.