Sunday, June 22, 2014

‘Pssst!...!’ Yes we know!

My friend’s eyes beamed as he tried to reveal a secret in hush-hush tones.  “If it is a secret, do not tell me. I cannot keep my own secrets,” I cautioned him.
“I trust you. Listen. I have got a better job offer,” he broke the suspense.
“Congrats. But please do not reveal the details,” I stopped him.
For three days I managed to keep the secret with myself. “Shhh..” was the keyword.
For a garrulous person like me, it was a Herculean task.
On the fourth day, sipping tea at the canteen, a group of my friends raised the subject on their own.
Everyone not only knew about what I thought was a Himalayan secret, but they had extra and latest details.
It was then that I realised, a secret is something one tells everybody to tell nobody.
Talking of secrets reminds me of a childhood incident.
My neighbour’s wayward son had a habit of stealing money. So one day, the father hid the money in a huge box, gave the key to his wife and said, “Keep the key in a secret place.”
Next day, the key was intact, but the box with the money had disappeared, along with the son.


  1. hahah! many friends confide their secrets to me but just like you I realize later that others have more extra and latest info about those secrets :P

  2. Good one, Ramesh! How you been?

  3. :) he he he he

    well I know so many secrets of s omany people :)


  4. I have never known any secret that has been successfully kept a secret ! :D
    So whats the point in saying that it is a secret? haha nice one Ramesh !

  5. I get a bloated stomach if i keep anyone's secret for more than a few hours