Friday, July 4, 2014

Secrets of a ‘master chef’

“It’s very simple,” started my teacher-wife before leaving for school. 
“Heat oil with mustard and curry leaves. Fry chopped onion and tomatoes with salt. Add rice. That is it.”
I did not know cooking was so easy.
When she returned in the evening, the tomato rice was hailed as “yummy” and I was crowned “Master Chef.”
I did not realise then that I had ignored a repeated warning by my boss: “You do once at home, you do it forever.”
That one-day adventure encouraged my wife to leave the cooking department with me on most days.
The latest “easiest” recipe she suggested was for “Lemon rice.”
“Heat oil with red chilli, mustard, curry leaves and peanuts. Include salt and turmeric powder. Add cooked rice and squeeze lemon. Khalaas. So simple!”
Late in the evening, she was all praise for the “delicious lemon rice.”
It better be delicious as the “readymade mix” that I had bought without her knowledge was expensive.
Now, do not let her know this or I will have to visit your home for dinner.


  1. Wow you can cook! I taught him to make maggie...believe you won't want to look at it even!

  2. Wish I could of any help...I cant eve boil water

  3. Not only the joke,but recipes r also good. I'll use the recipes n avoid readymade mix food. :)

  4. Haha! Ready-made mix to the rescue ;-)