Monday, September 29, 2014

Devastated Jaya supporter goes without food

Sharjah: From malls to restaurants to buses and offices, one point of discussion among Tamils in the UAE since Saturday seems to be “Amma in jail.”
“Amma” (Mother) is an affectionate name given by her supporters to former Tamil Nadu chief minister and AIADMK supremo J. Jayalalithaa, who has now become the first incumbent chief minister in India to be disqualified from holding office due to conviction in a disproportionate assets case.
The reactions have been one of shock, especially about the timing of the arrest, “despite her flamboyant approach.” An employee at a popular mall in Sharjah told this correspondent on Saturday evening in a downcast tone: “I have not eaten since I heard the news in the morning.”
His colleague added, even while attending to a table at the food court  “I am not worried. She is a smart politician who will wriggle out of the problem easily.”
The fasting by the employee is not surprising considering that Tamil Nadu has a history of followers portraying their allegiance in emotional ways.
From building temples for film stars to tonsuring, self-injuring or self-immolating themselves for their leaders or film stars, Tamil Nadu fans have done it all.
In fact, when Jayalalithaa’s mentor and former chief minister of the state, MG Ramachandran died, around 30 followers committed suicide. And, already, there is news of a 45-year-old AIADMK member committing suicide following the sentencing of Jayalalithaa.
P. Subramanian, an insurance expert based in Sharjah, says that the outburst of public support indicates that public opinion is still on the side of Jayalalithaa, although evidence or legal points are against her.
“The reason for the support is her stellar performance, especially during the present tenure, where she has announced a number of welfare programmes,” explains Subramanian.
Among the popular schemes launched by her recently were Amma Cement Scheme, Amma Canteen that sells idlis (rice dumplings),  Amma Salt, Amma Bottled Water and Amma Pharmacy – where items were sold at subsidised rates to common people. 
“These kind of programmes touched the chords of common people and she was becoming popular,” Subramanian explains.
Vijayalakshmi Nadar, an independent journalist based in the US, smells a ploy by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
“Though on the surface it seems like the justice system has finally caught up with the charismatic Jayalalithaa, the timing of the judgment and the points of justice delivered against her, aimed to destroy her long standing political career, seems to be the handiwork of Amit Shah, the trusted mastermind of India’s new prime minister Narendra Modi,” she mentions.
According to her, the idea is to clear the decks for an insecure BJP to seize the states in the upcoming state elections. “These are sure signs of insidious planning and a complete mockery of democracy.”
Aboobaker Siddiq, who works as a driver for a multi-national company based in Dubai, sees the punishment as “too harsh.” 
But he was quick to add, “Anyway, this should serve as a warning to other politicians."


  1. No offence to anyone , but if someone is guilty then they need to be punished . if innocent then those who did all this need to be punished

    Politics in our great nation is DIRTY game


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  3. some people even died of heart attacks and grief for Amma! what a power she holds! Gawd!!!