Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas bond breaks all barriers

(My article in The Gulf Today)
SHARJAH: Enthusiastic expatriates in the UAE on Thursday joined the rest of the world in ushering in jubilant Christmas festivities with prayers, presents and joyful exchange of greetings.
Thousands thronged churches across the Emirates on Wednesday night to attend midnight masses.
Colourful decorations and shopping frenzy at malls had already set the mood ecstatic across the country during the past few days.
What added more glitter to the celebrations is the bond and spirit of camaraderie that transcended all divisions among various communities – a trait unique to the vibrant nation called the UAE, which hosts nationals from over 200 countries.
An Irish national in Dubai choked with emotion. “The excitement and build up to the big day has a magical feeling. I am happy to be celebrating here.”
Another solid example of the country’s spirit of unity was underscored by a perfumer from Europe, who informed this newspaper that more locals and Muslim expatriates wished him “Merry Christmas” than any others.
That’s not all. He was celebrating the festival with a Christmas lunch with his closest friend in the UAE, a Hindu.
“Where else in the world would one get it?” His question answers it all about the country’s strength of solidarity.

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  1. In India,we have fixed it as a good governance day......without stopping anyone from celebrating Xmas..That is real community feeling at national level