Thursday, April 23, 2015

Anything for coffee, boss

One day a couple of years ago, my teacher-wife was leaving for school in the morning when she muttered to me, “Can you cook today as I will be late?”
I agreed and a little later began to chop vegetables when my phone bell rang.
It was my boss.
After our official discussion, I mentioned to him that I was trying to cook.
“Oh. The trap has been set. Now you will cook forever,” he said.
I ignored it as a joke, but years later I am still cooking.
A few months ago, my wife said one day, “Can you dry the clothes?”
I replied, “Only for today.”
The deal struck, I did so.
My boss laughed, “Another trap.”
Months later, I am still drying the clothes. 
“Clean the room,” “throw the papers,” commands continue.
I continue to obey.
Last week, I lost my cool. Enough is enough.
“No more tasks for me. Do it all yourself or forget it,” I told my wife.
“Okay. I will not make filter coffee for you anymore,” she shot back.
“Oh dear, I was joking,” I dragged.
Anything for coffee, boss.