Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cut to pieces

I have a perennial problem with vegetable choppers.
Every time I watch a salesman push an onion or a carrot under an “easy to chop” appliance and hit on the head of the gadget, I get a “wow, so easy” feeling.
The vegetable pieces are ready to be relished as awesome salad, with just a little addition of salt and chilies. And, they come in stunning shapes too. 
All that, when the salesman does it.
When I buy and try the same at home, all that happens is breaking of the kit into multiple pieces with the first knock on the head. Not that I am Bruce Lee, but most of such equipment are so flimsy that even a child could break it.
Incidentally, yesterday’s was the fourth such vegetable chopper I broke.
No, knife is not the best bet either.
Often, I end up cutting my fingers.
The best part was when a former colleague visited our home and boasted about her ability to cut vegetables very fast.
“I do not believe you,” I replied, dropping half a kilo of onions before her.
I should confess that she did a great job in a few minutes, ignoring all the tears in her eyes.
“Ya, now I agree,” I patted her after she finished.
And I got a pat from my wife for getting the job done.
It is another matter that the former colleague never ever visited me again.


  1. that was smart...

  2. lol
    yes happens majority times
    i do not know which is best easy chopper but ads are great
    what about Roti Maker experience if got one write on that also

  3. I think such items has to be handled carefully (and never to be given to the bai for washing)

  4. Oh lovely bro, I know why you break everything or cut your fingers. Secretly, you just need an excuse to not do the hard work at home :)