Saturday, September 12, 2015

Roach chase

On a recent visit to my hometown, Chennai, I entered my kitchen only to dash out at rapid speed when I came under what looked like a drone attack.
Well, it wasn’t a drone spewing bullets, but apparently a huge flying cockroach.
Most cockroaches in Chennai are huge in size and many also have the dreaded wings.
My immediate instinct was to go for my shoes, but the pest had landed on my shoulder.
Hearing the commotion, my startled daughter called out from the other room, “What’s up?”
Before I could complete my sentence, she had already escaped to our neighbour’s room.
With my brave wife away, I had to take on the flying monster all by myself.
I put on the light, opened the windows and door. Nothing worked. I tried trapping the pest with a towel, but only things fell all around.
It was then that the watchman arrived, passed a sarcastic smile at me, caught the pest with bare hands and walked out like a lion clutching a baby deer.
I remembered reading a quote on social media, “We are all brave until we realise that the cockroach has wings.”


  1. I KNOW !! :D :D Can totally relate to this ! Even the bravest people are scared of flying roaches !

  2. Lolz... you must see how I tackle with cockroaches who comes to my house unwanted and uninvite...Thrash, thud..phataak...Gone in 1 second!

  3. Drone..hahaha now when I'd see a drone, I wd think of a cockroach.

  4. OMG... I am very afraid of cockroaches myself..... I can completely understand what you went through..!!!