Friday, January 29, 2016

Something missing

I glanced at the mirror and instantly realised something was missing.
“It has to do with your old-fashioned goggles, dad. Throw it out and grab a new branded one,” suggested my daughter.
The idea sounded good and within a week my look had changed, but the mirror reflection indicated something was still missing.
“It is because of the wrinkles, dad. Try out the new face cream. It’s awesome,” recommended my second daughter, naming a branded item.
Cool indeed it was. My face was shining the whole day, but I could sense something was still missing.
When I confided in my best friend, she studied me for a second and her face flashed with an idea.
“There you go. Look at your hairstyle again in the mirror. That’s where the fault lies. Use a gel,” she came out with a name.
I went for it and yet the problem persisted.
I remained silent and tried to comprehend what was wrong. The answer emerged from the silence. 
Next day, when I entered the office, my pretty female colleague gave a high-five, while my Ugandan colleague gave a hug. There was cheer all around and I had found what was missing.
Yes. The smile.

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