Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lazy fellows

Procrastination. That’s one of the worst diseases one can suffer from, and I am a victim.
I resolved to go on a long early morning walk and set the alarm at 5.30am. Clocks never fail unless ditched by the battery, and so the alarm went off promptly. Creeeee… I got up, altered the time to 6.30am and dozed off. The action was repeated until I was off my bed at 7.30 am. Exercise? Forget it. This fight against laziness is a routine affair where I often lose.
Last month, I decided to pay off the utility bills in time. On the way, I met a friend who invited me for a cup of coffee. My determination fell flat before his persuasion skills. A hot cup of coffee and sour gossip. A deadly combination. Bills? Forget it. Can pay next month.
Result: A warning from the authorities that my electricity connection would be cut off. I had to run to pay the bill on the last day. Which I did, naturally. But there was some consolation. The line was long. I patted myself. “Cheer up; there are several lazy fellows like you.”

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