Thursday, November 13, 2008

Old is gold

Watched the 1998 film "Enemy of the State" last night.
What a movie boss... I love to hate Will Smith. That man made my cry while watching "Pursuit of Happyness. (Spelt that way in film if I am right)" And he acts so incredibly well, I will pat him 500 times if I happen to meet him somewhere in Dubai.
And Gene Hackman. What a screen presence!
A child of a broken home, Gene Hackman left home at 16 for a 3-year hitch. And where did he reach. The top. In Hollywood. Great guy. Global-Madrasi salutes you, GH.
Just a few dialogues I found fantastic in the film:

"You're either very smart or incredibly stupid."

"You were right, I was wrong, but this is not the time for the 'I told you so' speech."

"You live another day, I am very impressed."

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