Sunday, February 22, 2009

Great to be back

Great to be back with you all. Missed you all everyday. This blog landed in the intensive care unit and all that was needed was: create a new blog under same name, change the URL a little, import files from old blog to new..and bingo..bounce back. Great Soul Searcher suggested it the first day. But the dumbo that I am..well, let's forget the past..and get going..
Take care and keep your smiles, dear friends..


  1. I'm so happy you are back, dear friend!!!

  2. g8 to see u back. u were missed. oooopss !!! i hope i don't face this prob not even comp savvy. lol.

  3. great to see you back, hope blog doesnt needs any more ICU visits :-)
    Have a good time...

  4. Ramesh Bhai, wherever you go, your network of friends will follow you.

    Keep writing more... good luck mate.

  5. Welcome back :) We really missed you and your write-ups.

  6. At the cost of sounding imitative, lemme say, "Welcome back!"

    sorry couldn't miss you too much as even I was away for almost a week.

    But I am glad that you are back.

  7. Where's the ?
    My first (paid) job I had while working for the SBB. That clock brought back memories:)