Friday, February 13, 2009

Shhh, don’t laugh loud

Laughter is the best medicine, no doubt, but laughing out loud may land you in a soup. Don’t believe? Well, this friend of mine had this habit of laughing loudly at the drop of a hat. We were returning home in a crowded Mumbai train and cracking jokes all the way. A grumpy guy sitting next to my friend was trying to doze off, but was regularly interrupted by the thundering laughter. Mr Grumpy’s snoring reminded me of the hiccup of a lion. Whenever his head dropped down, his eyes half closed, my pal’s “roar” will shake him up.
And he could take it no more.
“Why don’t you laugh softly?” he suddenly sneered at my friend.
“Why don’t you go home and have a great sleep?” I reacted.
Naturally, two groups formed. One suggested that my friend should reduce his volume, while the other felt that the ill-tempered man should have tolerance in public.
But the overall sympathy was in favour of Mr Grumpy.
“Poor guy, he must be under tremendous pressure at office. Maybe he has two wives and is caught between devil and deep sea,” I could hear some people muttering. But I could not laugh out loud and suppressed it into a smile.


  1. That was good reading. I deduce both should have shown some civic sense, and in that case sleeping man has not as much of control on his decibel than one awoke & laughing loud.

    Often we meet so many inimitable kinds of species in public who we find being dropped by UFO from different planet :-)

    If we eternally do end up acting just akin to rats or Pavlov's dogs, it will be principally because behaviorism has accustomed us to do so.

    Have a nice time

  2. Lol... but i am laughing out loudly here !!!! ha ha

  3. No such problem here on reaching dash board...

  4. OOOpppsss!!!! i should remember this.....when we( my 4 friends) get together we actually forget our surroundings.....we laugh and joke and talk non stop all on top of our voices( just like when we met yesterday too )....I now wonder how many people must have cursed us on the way.Lol!!!

  5. People who succumb to pressure at office tend to fall asleep even in a jam-packed local train.

    But there are even people who make it a regular habit to doze off while taking public transportation.

    The worst of it happens when they rest their head on other's shoulders and fix themselves to the shoulder, assuming it as a pillow.

  6. hmmmm, well sometimes its important that we dont care for people around, just laugh out loud thinking that that is your last laugh of your life. " This is my philosophy"

    Nice to read this blog.
    Take care

  7. I am torn. On the one hand, I do not like when people are loud in public. On the other hand, it is hard to suppress a hardy laugh and life is too short to not laugh every chance you get. Also, I do not think a crowded train is the best place to try and catch up on sleep. Anybody who attempts such a thing has to expect to be disturbed.

    As always, I enjoyed reading. I wish for a happy Happy Valentine's Day for you and your wife.:) Peace, friend!

  8. Laughing is good, but laughing loudly at public places is not good. :):)

  9. I snore and I laugh loudly! when I laugh just to please the sound I amke is somewhere between a snore and a snort. I support both the freedom of snore as well as the freedom of a good laugh

  10. we can control our laughing..but it is very difficult to control the sleep. so don't disturb sleeping peoples...ok.. happy valentines day

  11. Hello from Oasis in Puerto Rico. I just happened by your blog. You have a lot going on here!

  12. WHAT?? !! :(

    I am doomed :D

    I laugh really really loudly even at work. And I care two hoots about the grumps :P

    I get teased for it to no end... but but, it's in the genes :)

  13. You sure know how to make me laugh – so it would be entirely your fault if dosing people get pissed – I’d blame it on you - even if you’re not around, you know, I’d say, I just thought of that guy in Dubai… hahaha
    BTW, I am subscribed to your blog, so if you answer here I get your hellos :)))

  14. Oh, I totally forgot to wish you HAPPY VALENTINE! See, you entertained me and I promptly forgot manners :)

  15. laughter is the best medicine!

  16. Very funny. Made me laugh aloud. No harm, if that comes to you naturally.