Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hair-raising experience

It was a lazy weekend yesterday and I decided to go for a haircut.
“How you doing?” asked the hair-stylist changing his blade. Before I could reply he focused his eyes on the TV. His hands went off magically chopping my Salman Khan-style hair with a sharp razor. At one point, the knife was millimeters away from my eyes and I cried out, “Bahhh...”
“What?” he asked and when I told him he would slash my eyes as well, he replied, "Sorry."
As he continued,there was a news item on TV about rape cases.
His eyes were again glued to the Idiot Box. He questioned his colleague about the number of cases, while I went numb wondering whether the closely-placed knife would slit my throat. Again I murmured, “Bahhh.”
“Now what? Oh, sorry,” he said. And tried to concentrate.
Once done, he lied, “You look like a film star,” and added “But you need a shave.”
“Go for it.”
Off he went, but it was like a bloodbath. He covered up his errors with half a powder box and a huge quantity of after-shave lotion.
“Excellent. What about Koleston hair colouring?” he asked.
“Why. I do not have grey hair,” I bluffed this time.
He laughed. “Look at the mirror.”
I had to agree.
The damage on the face and purse was heavy. But it was worth the experience. Somehow, I felt I looked more handsome with all those cuts on the face.


  1. we call them barber...not hair stylist !!!

    been there...experienced that, but I scolded him after that.

  2. Back with a that you in the pic ..bcoz resemblance with Salman is quite evident...cut on the face? Shatrughan Sinha ???

    Bahut bahut dhanyavad is witty post ke leye.Namaskar.

  3. Yes, you have just returned from a war! Defeating the barbe-arian conquest

  4. Good.. so now we know your response to someone who tries to kill you. You let them!

    :P Hee Hee Hee!

  5. Ramesh, I cannot believe you let him shave you. You are brave! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday, buddy. Much love to you and your family. Namaste

  6. Cuts and all you are making up :D No?

  7. no wonder you look sexy Ramesh.....

  8. That is the reason our munivars (rishis) had long hairs and a big beards. They knew better.

  9. from salman khan to which film star now? ;) I am waiting for the answer...

  10. rough looks, eh?
    was expecting a complete closeup profile picture to suit the post!!

  11. Welcome to the club! I keep wondering how they carry out their jobs, glued on to the idiot box.

  12. Now, tell me.. Are you going to the same saloon again? If you are, are you going to pick and choose the hair stylist(btw there aren't any barbers left in the world!)?

  13. I am sure he is the best hair stylist and you should go to him always for your hair cut.

  14. A shave? You're nuts! After that haircut I wouldn't have let him near anything else - lol!

  15. cuts on your face?, that must look hot ;))
    ...does he groom women? ;))hehhe

    had a good laugh!!!