Monday, October 26, 2009

Smart couple

Oct.24 happened to be my wedding day (You have to give it to us. What tolerance level from both sides for 21 years, especially me..hehe).
What’s the secret of your marriage success? asked my friend jovially.
“Give-and-take policy,” I boasted.
“No, I heard your wife hardly gets a chance to talk as you do all the talking,” he continued.
“Change the topic,” I replied.
“I asked you because divorce cases are increasing. After wedding, a bridegroom in Lanka found out that the wife’s family had lied. During the same evening of the wedding day, he said he was going to the market and never returned. This woman remains single even now at 40,” he said.
“Ya, I have heard such stories.”
“There was another couple who separated after 15 years of marriage. Is it not funny?” he asked.
“Temme something positive,” I pleaded.
“OK, there’s this couple happily married for 40 years,” he said.
“Boring,” I joked.
“They stay in different cities for the past 20 years,” he laughed.


  1. There are also some couples who fight in the lunch table and enjoy food in the dinner.

    We live in a society where everybody has different style of living.

  2. ROFL !!

    and btw...

    Belated Anniversary Wishes... !!

  3. Many congratulations for the 21 year of togetherness Ramesh, even if in different cities sometimes (am I wrong here?).

  4. HAPPY MARRIAGE best wishes for you and your family .

  5. Happy anniversary my friend!! You are the man of being 'Cheese' always, that should be the secret, Keep it up!!

  6. ha! friend and me had the same discussion today.....I think after a certain time husband-wife relationship ceases being a relationship. It becomes like a background in ones life.

  7. Happy anniversary ramesh and oct 24 is my parents anniversary as well.

    I always wonder what makes a husband and wife stay together for so long

  8. ya ya, u guya only tolerate women...very smart R. Ramesh...:P

    happy anniversary to u and ur wife...very nice post...too hilarious :D

  9. LOl. you know my cousin asked her parents on their 25th anniversary, "Daddy how did you tolerate mom for so long?"

    My uncle was left red faced at the party.

  10. Happy belated anniversary Ramesh!! Marriage is good yaar, we have our own someone to irritate the hell out of!! isnt that a great feeling!!

  11. happy anniversary...nice post btw

  12. Happy Anniversary. If for discussion sake we don't count the years spent in different cities then what would be the number of years of togetherness?

  13. Belated Anniversary Wishes my friend!!Distance makes the heart grow fonder?? Hehe.....

  14. Belated Happy Anniversary:)

    Don't know what to say about this marriage and relationships today. May be it is being redefined and every couple customize the definition as per their choice :)

  15. I will surely say hi to Mandar...he does talk, but i don't give him a chance to speak :P

    jokes apart, this blogging world is not his cup of tea :)

  16. I wish you a very happy marriage anniversary :):)

  17. Happy belated anniversary! I am so proud of your wife!