Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Even my brain worked

Sibling fights come in different forms. When my neighbour’s sons fought, they would tear each other’s shirts and the dad used to scream, “You are tearing my pocket. I won’t buy new dress.”
One boy used to push his elder brother down, put a bed sheet on him and dance over him. The elder brother will then suddenly spring like a lion and bite the younger one. After one hour, they both will be hugging each other.
One little girl used to pinch her elder sister with her nails so hard there will be blood marks on the hands. Not that the elder is innocent. The elder once threatened that she knew a special prayer and that the younger one will get “punished” immediately. She closed her eyes and murmured some words. The younger one got so terrified, she waited until her mother arrived and started crying. Hehe, that’s my darling daughters in action.
About me? I used brain instead of brawn. One of my brothers is a bodybuilder. Once he hit me so hard when we were alone at home, I could not do anything. Then my brain worked. I acted like I had fainted. OMG, you should have seen the royal treatment I got. He gave me water; he prepared special coffee for me and also gave me some money to keep quiet about the incident.
Brainy chap your friend, right?


  1. Dear Ramesh,
    Siblings often fight but it should stop before they grow into elders.
    The best way to win is,surrender,don't react and ignore!
    Enjoyed reading your post.
    Wishing you a beautiful evening,

  2. lol!!! Brainy indeed :P

    I have tried it all, brain brawn tactics u name it & I have used it as per the need ;-)

  3. oh yeah sure :)

    i love ur daughters though. the elder one seems brainy like u ...prayers...lolz!!1 black magic, wizardry...hehehe

    nice write :)

  4. oh yeah sure..

    but i loved what ur daughters did.. especially the elder one. prayers...lol. she seems to be brainy like u. blackmagic and wizardry in the line huh ? wonder what nexT?

  5. yea ramesh no doubt about it.lol. at least you admit it now that you have your brains oozing out. i sure could do with some. hehee !!!

  6. Beautiful.

    Nostalgia with laughter...I want to laugh but memories of childhood are more predominant right now.

  7. Hmm but my sister never used to fight with me, not even today.

    On the other hand there was a time when we thought my nephews would never ever stop fighting! Lovely post.

  8. lol...you are one funny chap :D

  9. Ah, sibling rivalry, those were the days lol :) ... my sister would cry when I wasn't even near her, and I would get in trouble before I could even think about doing anything! We're good friends now though!

  10. You have a FUNNY family :)))))))
    Lovely to read !!!!


  11. if only he reads it now...:P ur bro i mean...

  12. Ha ha.My brother and I fought like cats and dogs in our childhood, and now it is the turn of my sons to subject me to that torture :). The fight all the time, and like you said share great camaraderie.

  13. Aha,

    That was interesting....ur idea & ur daughters idea...
    & wat did u do with that money lolz... :)

  14. Yes, my friend is a brainy chap. You should have milked the opportunity and asked for icecream or whatever you liked the most. ;)

  15. Your post made me nostalgic. During a fight with my brother he acted as if dead. He held his breath and tormented me. Little girl at that time, I knew how much I loved him. But today he is no more. Very sad indeed for me.

    BTW I like your post. the looks, simple write etc.
    See you.

  16. Oh.. family of brainy warriors! We have some interesting sibling fight stories in childhood.. we brothers play chess "tournament" at home comprising 5 games.. when one wins and taunts the other his king is bitten to pieces.. then in next game, other king is crushed! by the end of the tournament.. our mother would play the arbitrator by consigning the chess coins to flames!

  17. lol-loved subu's comments
    and your post too :)

  18. Brain is mightier than brawn, your proved that :)

  19. Good thing I read that post: Now I know, Ram is just faking...hehe