Sunday, October 3, 2010

No need for anesthesia

With wife around (tomorrow I become a married bachelor again. She returns to Chennai), it was party time, and we, along with a few wonderful friends, were out most of the time in Dubai. Throughout, you - yes you - my buddies were on my mind.
Yesterday, we were in Dubai’s empty Wafi Mall and a shopkeeper started a discussion.
“Do you know what’s happening in Kashmir?” he asked me.
“Not pretty much,” I replied.
“Over hundred people were killed recently just because they were protesting peacefully. Curfews are clamped regularly, women are harassed and children cannot go to school in peace.”
In a few minutes, he was in tears.
“All we want is a peaceful life. Why can’t Kashmiris be left alone?” he asked.
I and friend Subu felt sad and moved to the next shop, where a Syrian salesman greeted us. He was smiling throughout.
“Are you married?” was his first question.
“Once, but don’t mind again,” I joked as my wife stood outside the shop.
I blurted a few words in Arabic and he happily passed on a handmade soap as a gift.
In the morning I had been to the dentist.
“You need to remove four caps. You may be having an infection. Wait, I will give local anesthesia,” said the doctor.
“No need for anesthesia,” I replied. “Just tell me the fees and I will become unconscious anyway.”


  1. He he...a natural laugh from me...

    And truly sad, the cases of deprived anywhere in the world..

  2. U were thinking about us while you were out with your wife!!
    Some may think its an aww moment, but I don't think so!
    But a glimpse of your life was good :)

  3. Ha ha ha! You seem to be in a good mood...and writing your funny posts again:-)

    Well, I hope the trip to the dentist is not too bad. Me I dread going to the dentist.

  4. Looks like you had a very sweet time with your wife, to have such major problems with your caps. Well, it was a nice glimpse in your life. Enjoy.

  5. Dentist post...aur zaldi bhago ! hee !Don't panic my friend ,look at the brighter things- you just got a free handmade soap !

  6. mania uh?? Fees of doc's scare hell out of me.

    watched endiran last night..griping film.Thalaivar rocks!

  7. :-) Hope you didnt have to go unconscious after seeing your bill :-)

  8. Nice post..short and yet covering so much.

  9. Dentists are responsible for the smiles you have.

  10. In a strange way I'm glad to know that dentists charge ridiculous prices the world over.

  11. Ramesh,

    Funny post again. I agree with you about dentist's fee. But I strongly disagree with this conversation

    >“Are you married?” was his first question.
    >“Once, but don’t mind again,” I joked as my wife >stood outside the shop.

    Most intelligent people learn from mistakes. Are you going repeat your mistake?

  12. You seem to be in a good mood! it because your wife is leaving to India?? :)
    I remember a tamil movie where Janakaraj says "En pondatti oorukku poittaaaa" ;) lolz

  13. well i dint know that the dentist's fees could numb pain. this sure is a handful tip . lol.

  14. loved the answers ... and that reply got you a gift wah wah

    yeah the dentists dont need anesthetic they shud tell the bill before hand saves on giving one a anesthetic...

    hope the teeth are ok now :)

    Bikram's blog

  15. smile is the best gift one can give ! and you give it every day...

  16. Medical bills baapre.....they are real anesthesia.

    So wife is leaving for Chennai. Chef will start visiting kitchen again:)

  17. hhehehe :P all doc's r a ripoff! :(
    its a lot cheaper being healthy ;)

  18. So you became a married bachelor again :) Well, I can understand how hard it is to work and live away from family, kids and just get to meet them once in a while.

    Bhai, there is lot to learn from you - the way you get along with each day inspite of too many things occupying your mind.

    Life is full of ups and downs, you never know what tomorrow has in stock for you, but we plan and move forward hoping for happy times ahead :)

  19. ha ha ha ha....the last one was simply superb ..... u deal with life so easily na... i gotto learn a lot from u... hmmm... really glad to read u hilarious posts after long time...good one !!!!