Friday, October 8, 2010

No problem at all-1

I was hearing a speech by famous Tamil thinker Su.Ki. Sivam and it was full of wisdom.
“Shun inferiority complex,” was the message.
There are people who keep cribbing “If only I had a bigger house..,” “If only I had a car..,” and so on. One guy cried, “If only I were two inches taller, I would have joined the police force.” Sivam questions this attitude. “There is no height constraint in becoming a Collector. He could have aimed at becoming that.”
Napoleon, former Indian PM Shastri, Al Pacino were short people, but look at their tall achievements.
There’s an interesting story. One revolutionary youth was arrested by the police and put in prison. His 72-year-old dad wrote a letter lambasting the youth. “In our neighbourhood, everyone is farming potatoes. Instead of working here, you have foolishly gone to prison. What use your being my son?” He went on criticizing the son, closing the letter with, “I will now go and do the farming myself.” The youth shot back a letter, “You stupid old man. Don’t dig our land. I have hidden arms and ammunition there.” The next day, a military squad surrounded the home, pulled up the old man and ripped apart the entire land. Nothing was found. The son wrote to dad again, “On my behalf, I have made the government help you out.”


  1. Ramesh where do you get your treasure of stories like the one at the end?

  2. To your list, I would add Rani Mukerjee, people told her she cannot become an actress because she is too short. Amitabh was told he is too tall

  3. i read the story in past too its nice
    well both inferior & superior complex are bad but being feel of inferiority is worst
    well its the upbringing which creates this feel in you may be strict parents or something. But we have to fight to beat that.The most difficult thing to fight with ur own thoughts
    Some people do say that being Gay is also a sign of inferiority complex

  4. hm..gud note .The story was humerous.

  5. sky is the limit n its very true ,my hubby says this often ...there is no limit to possibilities in life ..
    P ure potential
    O pening up
    S urprising
    S atisfying
    I nventiveness
    B eginning
    I ntuitiveness
    L eaping in
    I nquisitiveness
    T esting ur limits
    I mpulsiveness
    E ager
    S uccesses

    I am ur happy 200th follower ..btw i am a Telugu girl n i can understand little tamil :)i am using online dictionary to translate ur messages ..hahaha
    have a gr8 weekend


  6. Excellent post. I enjoy reading them.

  7. man!! Wasn't that just too good? Awe*

  8. Great story! And, yes, look beyond constraints. Great message too.

  9. interesting story..about physical appearance - why do people give that so much of importance?

  10. " Where there is will there is a way always. "

  11. Well,all worked out well when the "time" is right

  12. I've read this story earlier! It's an apt one for this post! Well said!
    “If only I were two inches taller, I wud have become...." is just a lame excuse to not be able to do anything. Age, height, color, creed, bla bla bla doesn't matter if one wants to succeed.

  13. Was an interesting read and quite useful, yeah! most of us have this "Inferiority Complex" hidden within and it shows sometimes. Even for simple reasons like - when your colleague is able to achieve a goal and you feel left behind :)

    Bhai, so glad to write a few words on your post, its been so long, hope you and your family are doing well :)

  14. Very cute story. Your blogs are always interesting Ramesh.

  15. The story was old, but the presentation was new.

  16. Beautiful story! When do you read and find such treasure stories?

    Thank you!

  17. You are the best ! Your post are always fun to read :)

  18. @ ramesh i have replied for your comment on my post.and friend ur rct would have been painful because when there is an underlying infection ,even local anesthesia wouldnt act .so it would have been painful ,dont worry .

  19. ha ha ha! I have heard this before! But it is still funny.

  20. similar things are told when you fail the SSB Interview (the interview spans for four days and is taken for joining Armed forces). I failed...I heard this too.... took it as a challenge.... as to how can they refuse me or its the army's loss not taking me..... same things my father told me and I did finally joined the forces. Not writing this comment to get appreciation...but may be some one loosing hope reads your blog and my may inspire him too....

  21. Comparisons with other people can groom complexes - inferior or superior.

    Hee, hee...interesting way to get the land tilled effortlessly!

  22.'s like a good son...huh?