Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not funny

I entered Al Wahda Street on my morning walk and saw my gardener-friend from Lanka holding a man’s hand and yelling.
“Will you give the money or not?”
“Get lost,” came the reply.
 “Tomorrow if you don’t reach here with the money, you will get a punch,” shouted my friend.
“Get lost.”
I played the referee. “Hey, stop the fight.”
They laughed. “Oh, you thought it’s serious. We were just joking.”
Shucks. Weird sense of humour.
I have this nasty habit of getting into trouble playing the umpire.
I remember an incident in my earlier newspaper office when a jumbo reporter had a tiff with a rabbit-size (hey, don’t take it literally) colleague and began chasing him. The rabbit ran after passing a four-letter comment. The jumbo caught the rabbit at the corridor. While others watched, I ran to break the brawl.
By that time, the jumbo had taken control. Clasping the neck and pushing the rabbit’s head down, the jumbo got set to pack a punch, when I thrust my head in between.
I received the punch and screamed.
“Sorry, sorry,” repeated the jumbo, but the rabbit escaped.
The other colleagues’ mocking look said it all: “Dumbo, why do you think we did not interfere?”


  1. This happened to Husband dearest when he went to the aid of a woman being beaten by her husband - the result being they both turned on him. I guess its not always appreciated when we take on the role of good samaritan.

  2. hmm!! hope u r careful next time. dont lose your teeth pliz!!

  3. .. but we all stay away thinking that some one really nice like our ramesh would intervene, helping us feel free of guilt.. these are occupational hazards of an umpire.. right?

  4. Thanks god, Rameshji is back to form..

  5. ohh poor poor you :P ,,, that must be painful :D

  6. Reminds me of the hindi phrase ..this age is not for good deeds...should follow the mumbaite's example, all will be well... :)

  7. Helping someone puts you into trouble these days... my hubby dear has this habit too.



  8. Be careful dear friend. take my advice and interfere only one or two blows are landed. That way you can be sure its not a joke and fighting parties will be a bit exhausted for beating up the umpire.

  9. ithu thevaya....Ramesh, nalla kidachirukume:)

  10. Yeah, it is a little dicey to get in the middle especially when someone gets in the way of punches :). Hopefully, your jaw stayed ok along with its contents :).

  11. nasty punch eh? bad bad

    next time.. carry a helmet :P

  12. hmm....they didn't stop the scene because they like to see the free...whatever....

  13. hehehehe...people don't value geniune ppl these days ;)

  14. Hi Ramesh,
    I have an award for all my friends. Please visit my other blog, FOOD MAZAA to collect it.

  15. :)

    This post made me smile. Peacemakers always get into trouble.

  16. my little son interevened once between his school friends and got a punch on his nose. I got a call from the school, and when i went i saw him lying on the school bench with a bloody nose.
    From then on, i told him to keep away from such fights, they would resolve on their own.

  17. well, sometimes its better to let two warring people sort out issues!!!

  18. Very Funny.It shows that we should mind our own business.But why do I get the feeling that you have not learnt?

  19. Stay away.
    Havent you heard of this one!
    Everyone for himself and God for everyone

  20. Yup...better be careful when you interfere in fights, you could be on the receiving end... Many tragic incidents have happened because of such habits.

    By the way I am trying to contact you ( work related) but you never turn up in office when we are working and after office hours I just forget about that matter... What to do?

  21. Oh no! How do you manage to make it sound so funny at the same time?

    Reminds me of a famous malayalam movie dialogue 'Nammaley okey palu illathey kanaan valarey vrithikeydaanu.'

    Piddi kitiyo?

  22. I just can picture you - grin! You reminded me of the following (true story): our village Dr sat in a restaurant (in a different village) at a table where two men were fighting. When it became violent, he tried to keep them for going at each other's throat - they turned around, looked at him, lifted him up and threw him out the window.