Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some childish parents!

How different parents are!
A generally bright student scored a little less at a class test in a Dubai school. As is the practice, the teacher asked the girl to get her parent’s signature.
The girl returned the sheet the next day. The teacher was shocked to see a comment “very poor performance” written by the dad.
After another test, the same girl was asked about the signature from the dad.
“Don’t ask me, ma’am,” came the reply.
“What happened?”
“He just tore the paper to pieces.” With these words, the girl started crying and the teacher had to pacify her.
What a discouraging dad!
The other extreme is this mom.
“Oh, my son. He tops the class always, but he is so naughty.”
“Good boy,” I hugged him.
The monkey who tops class did not smile. Instead, he took out a toy pistol and pressed the trigger. My face was covered with coloured water.
I thought the mom would admonish the child, but she slapped a kiss on his cheek, saying, “Don’t do that to uncle. Say sorry.”
Sorry? The monster was already punching me.
Two blunders of this mom: 1. Condoning the monkey’s mischief. 2. Calling me “Uncle.”
Damn it.


  1. haha.. i think you're more annoyed about being "uncle-d" rather than getting sprayed by the mean kid. it's annoying when kids are behaving bad and their parents find it oh-so adorable. my foot! i have several such pranksters for second-degree nieces and nephews whom i wish would stop trampling all over my diwan and my house. agh! but if only the parents saw the light!

  2. Idiot of parents, and I like the touch of humor at the end :).

  3. hahah! nice one!

    btw one thing i never understood..when every decent college has a separate entrance test, whey do parents crib about high board marks?

  4. Ha ha ... such a naughty behaviour is overlooked by some parents who pamper their children too much.
    All Orientals expect their children to be toppers in every field...this is not a right attitude...every individual has his limitations.

  5. hilarious...but an important message for parents here...

  6. I wish if my parents had read this :-(

  7. LOL parenting is a difficult task, but its very important to raise your children the right way!

    1. very funny...
      discouraging dad...n loving mom
      n spoilt brat

  8. parents are role models for their kids

  9. Oh that was another refreshing post with a superb message. Nice one!

  10. Sounds like this particular naughty boy didn't know when to stop and certainly didn't realise when he'd overstepped the mark.

  11. These days some of the parents have become unreasonably demanding.

  12. Childish parents and 'Uncles'...should have been the title!

  13. Subtle but strong point behind the anecdotes. :)

  14. parents need to be taught how to be parents first .. before they go on reproducing


  15. I am rofl already.I have seen such monkey parents too.