Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stories from the elevator

I just returned after a leisurely walk when our watchman started chatting near the elevator.
A young man passed by. In shorts and T-shirt with arms tattooed, he looked handsome.
“Can you fix the tap?” he asked the watchman.
“I will be there in an hour,” replied the watchman.
After he left, I told the guard that the man looked smart.
“Useless guy,” came the reply. “His wife works hard and earns. This fellow just eats and sleeps, claiming to be a businessman.”
After two minutes, I noticed a sad-looking man entering the lift.
“His is a sad story. His brother died yesterday in hospital of heart attack. This man has come from India for the last rites.”
I was turning gloomy, when another elevator gate opened.
“Good morning,” said a cheerful face. The short Filipina, face covered in make-up, winked at the guard. She disappeared before I could pick my comb from the pocket.
“Enough,” I told the guard and stepped into the lift.
Another man with a Bangladeshi look entered. I reached my third floor apartment. He followed me and opened the next door. We have been neighbours for a year, but have never talked.
Anyway, I have to rush now and chat with my blog friend in Canada. I just love her.


  1. Neighbours? Good!

    Good one, Ramesh, enjoyed reading this!

  2. Elevator guy's, guards, maids are the source of our curr events around us. They always know more than anybody else!

    Must befriend them...they can be very handy

  3. Good to know its not only us women who gossip.

  4. Watch man sure knows it all! :)

  5. Interesting to know guys care for such gossip!

  6. Oh yes, watchmen, maids, drivers, they have all the stories just like Ramesh :).

  7. watch man is surely a good source of info :)

  8. Watchmen Drivers and liftmen have all the information as to what goes on in the Condo.

  9. ah! the guards see n hear everything :D

  10. Liftmen are notoriously infamous for this...

  11. Nice post.
    In India people get to hear all the news at a barbar's shop.

  12. yes, I too have come across a number of elevator guy's and their tales. At times, it makes me think they have more interesting jobs than the most in the building. If only they blogged too. :D

  13. nice post
    yes watchmen they are great source of information.

  14. I LOVED your blog name .I have a feeling you'll like these might find these two articles interesting sir :D ;-)



  15. How many times do you comb your hair when confronted by the opposite sex? Having comb in pocket means you are ever ready for pr-emptive strike--just in case --- hahahaha.
    Nice admission of sweet feelings.

    Other thing yaar:
    Not just her, there are other friends of yours in Canada yaar.
    kayun bhool jaatey ho bhayya meray?

  16. liked the "She disappeared before I could pick my comb from the pocket." part :)

  17. Don't forget to take the comb out of your pocket before you talk to her ;)

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