Thursday, March 15, 2012

Age no bar

“What is that we humans do at the same time?” asked a colleague.
“Breathing,” I replied instantly.
“OK. Now I stop breathing,” he started his yoga.
“We are all rotating along with the earth,” answered an intelligent colleague.
“Not the answer I am looking for,” he replied.
After much persuasion, he declared, “We all get old together.”
 The moment he mentioned old, he gave me a sheepish look.
“Hey, I'm not 50. I'm 20 with 30 years’ experience,” I joked.
Age is clearly in the mind.
Just yesterday, a friend attending the Public Relations World Congress in Dubai informed me about PR pioneer Harold Burson, 91, who has spent 65 years in the industry.
Citing his example, I said, “See. So many such achievers break age barriers. Life begins at 40.”
“Ya, life not only begins at 40, it begins to show,” he replied, pointing at my bulging tummy.


  1. Your posts really bring a smile on my face...they are short, sweet and funny !
    Loved the phrase : “Hey, I'm not 50. I'm 20 with 30 years’ experience,”

  2. Very wise words my friend! Age is just a number...enjoy every moment you can!

  3. You should teach him to think positive, Ramesh!

  4. Excellent joke in the end :). You make great digs at yourself. It is a great ability to laugh at oneself.

  5. yes, yes, age is just a number

    1. lol..very funny...
      .. life not only begins at 40, it begins to show... I guess makes sense!

  6. well....i'd like to borrow the words of Shobha De in this context...when she quotes Mark Twain ïn the book on Shobha at 60: Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind it doesn't matter.

    I guess it just doesn't matter at all..It's all in the mind. And that's how it is..will always be and has always been. May be it's taken us all so long to fathom this riddle. And now that it's lieing open in front of us, i guess we have to follow it to the T mind, heart, body and soul. And just get along with a song in our hearts. And not allow age to dictate our life in any way. Let age not define our dress code. Just live it up. Let age not define what we have to speak or even do. Just live it up. And keep at it. That's simply the only way to go......simply put..i am just waking the kind words of my adorable friend Ramesh.....sudha

  7. Speaking in the context of age I’d like to share that I abide by the words of Shobha De : Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.
    It’s just that simple my friends . And it has taken all people around the world quite some mind boggling bangs to fathom this riddle. And to have it soaking up their skins. It just doesn’t matter at all. Let’s just imbibe this all in in our hearts, minds and souls. And let’s not have age dictating us or our lives or even our life styles for that matter. Let’s not have have age defining our dress. Let’s not have age defining what we should do or not do. Let’s just live it up. For that’s the only way to go. The only way to be. And that’s the way to go……..sharing some thoughts with my adorable friend Ramesh….Sudha

  8. True, age is not important. How you feel is.

  9. 20 with 30 years experience? I am so going to steal that dialogue and use it when I am 50 ! Or even before that !:D

  10. I wonder why age becomes an issue with most men.
    Ask me, it is a pleasure aging with dignity.
    Damn it,enjoyevry moment.

  11. 20 years old but with 30 years experience - a great way to look at it. You do realise though that after today I'll always picture you with a bulging tummy.

  12. 20 with 30 years experience! Wow what an attitude. Love it :-)