Thursday, March 1, 2012

'Watch the donkey '

The mother spread the grains on the floor. She called and told her daughter: “Watch. The donkey will eat the grain.” She then left to meet her neighbour. After 15 minutes, she returned to see the donkey relishing the last few grains.
“What the heck were you doing?” she screamed at the daughter.
“I obeyed your command and watched the donkey eating the grain.” 
Many people fail to listen carefully when we communicate or twist the meaning according to their convenience.
You must have heard this joke:
A beautiful girl was offered a receptionist job.
“You will get $1000 salary,” declared the boss.
“With pleasure,” nodded the girl.
“Then you will get $2,000.”


  1. Oh I am exactly like that!!!

    I told my mother-in law on the very first day, "In case you are unhappy with me, please tell me clearly. If you make sarcastic comments, I may not understand at all."

  2. Well...I think the mother should have been more careful with the way she put her words...Even I thought she was just entertaining her girl while she was out at the cannot afford to blame the girl alone...communication takes two sides and both need to be careful!

  3. Ha ha .. funny.
    Sometimes we have to be careful uttering your second example.
    It really happened to me once...
    I had gone out for shopping with my neice in Mumbai..we were buying dress material and my neice was amazed the way they cut the cloth... just give a small cut and tear it perfectly... I just told her "ye to din raat ka kaam hai inka.. isi liye perfect hain" ..
    The salesman heard our coversation and said, 'Madam, sirf din ka hai... raat ka nahi"
    We were so embarassed to hear this...

  4. The first one happens with all, I think. The second one is nice!

  5. :) :) :) Communication errors! Oops! Blunders! :)

  6. Even I thought the mother is asking the girl to watch how the donkey feeds! only after then i realised that I also misunderstood like the daughter did!
    ROFL @ the second joke!

  7. nope not heard the $1000 joke actually I am so dumb i did not get it ...

    but the first one bless the girlshe did exactly what the mom asked her to do :) watch he heh e


  8. English is really a screwed up language!

  9. ROFL at the 2nd one. First I din't understand it!

  10. Now, don't you all laugh at me... But I didn't get the second joke? Can someone pl explain??

  11. Very true! I am so dumb myself sometimes, and a real tubelight too on occasion :)

  12. Hi buddy! How have you been?

  13. lol! but seriously it is all about how u interpret it :D

  14. good one.. My friends say I am such a bad listener and iterrupt everytime while they talk..
    Reminder for me... :)

  15. Hello....
    Selective listening...loved the story....
    Hope you are fine..