Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Facing music at airport

Travellers sometimes find themselves in awkward situations.
My colleague MV shared two instances he had heard about.
An Indian national was travelling abroad with a Mridangam (Musical drum). A Customs officer at an airport enquired what was inside that instrument.
“Empty space,” replied the visitor.
Not convinced, the officer fetched an electric drill and pierced the drum from one side. As the instrument was empty, the officer fell on it and everyone around laughed at his mistake.
The visitor lost his Mridangam, but returned next year with a new one.
This time, another officer on duty at the airport enquired what it was.
When the visitor explained it was a musical instrument, the officer asked him to play some music. He was allowed to go after he displayed his skills in tunes and tones.
My most embarrassing moment at an airplane was when I met a dear airhostess friend after years and screamed her name, “Usshh..” The other passengers thought I had gone mad, and an embarrassed “U” signalled that we talk after the plane landed.


  1. Shuker kero bhai wo (first one) custom officer nahi tha.

  2. Tell us more; I am sure there is more... :)

  3. so when do you post on what you and Ushhh<... talked about after the flight landed?

  4. It is funny,but it can become very embarrasing.
    I remember,yrs ago,I was returning from Kuwait and a Parsi lady was on the flight too.She was carrying a set of bowls(corning).Custom officials were giving her hell on the price of the bowl.In anger,This lady picked the set and threw it on the floor and broke it.
    She finished the episode by saying...Kitlo Na Che,Khabar padi gai Tamey.

  5. The officer may well have been laughing but I bet your colleague wasn't.

  6. I learned not to joke with custom officials...Took me a few tries though. How is "U" these days?

  7. whaaaaaat? Do they necessarily tear it and not scan it otherwise? How crude!

  8. I love all the incidents that you narrate..
    Fun to read them.

  9. The Mridangam incident was hilarious, the second one was nice and the last one was kinda funny and cheeky! Good going!

  10. Lovely! Classy post for real fun n laugh.