Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Best way to beat boredom

I felt bored, again.
I switched on the computer, typed some words on Google search and a deadly headline flashed across: “Study proves boredom can lead to death.”
As reported in the Wall Street Journal, “Researchers have discovered that boredom can be fatal. Boredom has serious consequences for health and productivity,” the report mentioned.
Scared, I shut the computer.
The only way to beat boredom is to be active, I told myself.  
First, I needed coffee.
I lit up the gas stove and mounted a milk pot. My mobile buzzed.
“Would you like to upgrade your bank facilities?” a sweet voice posed an unexciting question.
She would not leave. After three minutes, I banged the phone, but the milk had spilled.
What more pleasure than taking a shower and humming all the way, I told myself.
Hardly had I applied soap all over, the doorbell rang.
It was the laundry boy.
The room had become all wet and I escaped slipping on the floor.
When I was wondering what next to beat boredom, the phone buzzed again.
This time it was my wife.
Then began our heated argument.
Several minutes later, I realised I had killed boredom, thanks to my wife.


  1. I am wondering what to kill to kill the boredom!!!

  2. Haha ! urbane lifestyle has no time for boredom

  3. Ooh, I so dislike it when the computer starts to give advice.

  4. Nothing like an argument/discussion to beat boredom :D

  5. Wife is useful in so many ways!

  6. Ha,ha, good one. See how good wives know how to help their husbands stay creative and not bored. All cheers to Chechi. Convey our warmest regards to her.

  7. I am soon going to make my wife read this post.I wll post the RESULT after that

  8. ha ha...forget boredom, take out some time to relax you got too busy!! :)

    Good one bro!! :)