Sunday, March 10, 2013

Teachers’ day out

When a friend declared on social media that she was bored, the usual humdrum ideas flowed from others: Watch a movie, exercise, sleep, listen to music, colour your nails, count money, dance…
The ideas added to her boredom.
She put on her sports shoes, went for a walk, accidentally met her old friends and had a gala time visiting a coffee shop with them.
Beating boredom means different things to different people.
When a retired Indian politician was asked how he passed time, he shot back: “Why should I pass time? It will pass by itself.”
Teachers of a Dubai school complained that they were bored of routine and were taken on a fun trip to the desert by the management.
For a change, the teachers turned children and had fun.
The organisers lined up prizes.
“Anyone on high heels can collect a prize.”
No one expected anyone to visit a desert picnic on high heels. Surprisingly, an elderly teacher grabbed the prize.
The organisers posed another tough challenge.
“Anyone who has the photograph of her mother-in-law in her wallet can pick up a prize.”
There was pin-drop silence.
Lo and behold. A teacher stepped forward, presented her MIL’s photo and grabbed the prize.
Visibly, there were many envious faces around.


  1. Well, it takes all kinds to make this world what it is....

  2. You are leaving me no choice but to ask my MIL for her photo

  3. Count money? You must have some rich friends that can fall asleep whilst counting theirs.

  4. Where do you get these small small interesting incidents? I loved them all!

  5. Very sweet post. Indeed, why should we pass time :)
    Lovely to be back visiting blogs and turned real interesting going through your space.

  6. Wonderful! Yeah, everyone has their own way of beating boredom, but the incidents you mentioned are nice and funny!! :)

    Cheers bro!! :)

  7. Another good post by you! I miss the blog world and reading your posts! Am back but only sporadically. Enjoyed this one a lot :) Will be back later. Cheers, buddy!

  8. sweet post
    anything is possible

  9. The key is to think out of the box! :)

  10. HA ha , I am sure that teacher would never forget his/her MIL for having got them that prize :-)

  11. Really? High Heels, Mother in Law's pic - wow! Anything IS possible, I say!

    1. boss momWAD..arre yar..struggling to post comment in your blog for the past half hour..hmmm..anywy..sure all wishes

  12. Oh My Good God! Can't get a prize for both but still great post!