Thursday, April 18, 2013

Do not tell anyone

I dislike secrets. I cannot keep one. Hence, I was astonished when a friend told me she wanted to share a secret with me.
“Beware, I cannot keep secrets,” I cautioned her.
“But this one you have to keep it to yourself or I will be in serious trouble,” she continued.
“Let me try.”
“A guy proposed to me,” she continued.
“Wonderful. What did you say?”
“Actually I also like him.”
Go ahead. All the best.” I parted.
It was a very hard task.
One, two, three and days turned into a week.
At last, unable to restrain myself, I shared the news with a colleague.
“That’s old news buddy,” he ignored me.
I tried to check with another acquaintance.
“In which age do you live? They are getting married in three months,” he cut me down and gave more details.
I angrily confronted my friend who wanted me to keep the “secret.”
 “Why did you tell me not to tell anyone?”
 “That’s because I wanted the entire world to know,” she replied.


  1. as they say, 'ur secret is safe with me and my friends'. Nice one :)

  2. You always make us smile, Ramesh! Nice one!

  3. Not fair, na? Hahaha too good :)

  4. Ha! She is smart; isn't she?

    I worked for a manager who would call me aside and share some things and tell me I was the only one to know it. Beaming with pride as I walked out of his office my colleagues would ask, "did he tell you this and that and not to tell anyone as you are the "only one" to know?"

    To my puzzled look they would continue, "He had done the same thing to each one of us - individually!"!

    Now, was he smart? Not in my opinion.

  5. Yes that is the way to let a wider circle to learn about a particular matter. Good one. We call them AIRs.

  6. And next,you might see read this on their respective FB page

  7. Wonderful! The last line was packed with lots of fun!! ha ha, so that is the secret behind secrets!! :) Well written bro!! :)