Friday, August 30, 2013

I’m asleep, wht u doing?

We were travelling in a bus and I was fast asleep.
My adorable little nephew suddenly woke me up.
“What happened?” I shrieked.
“Nothing. Just wanted to know why you are restless,” he replied.
“Restless? You spoiled my sleep,” I chided him.  
He coolly replied, “Is it? OK, sleep well.”
I became restless.
Talking about siesta, I am surprised to hear that a new phenomenon of sleep-texting is increasing. We have heard of people talking or walking while sleeping, but this trend does ring an alarm bell.
According to doctors, people with this rare condition send incoherent text messages while asleep to their friends and family - unaware that they are doing it.
Quite a few instances have been reported of men and women sending romantic and sentimental messages while sleeping.  
I am naturally worried.
"I have to switch off my cellphone at night,” I told a colleague.
“Even if you text while you are asleep, it does not matter,” he reacted.
“Really?” I asked in surprise.
“That’s because people close to you know you write nonsense even when you are awake.”


  1. Hahaha...I am laughing when i read your posts as usual! Long time no see?

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  3. "i am naturally worried." ha ha
    Sharing :)

  4. A hint of self criticism? ha ha...very funny! :)

  5. When I doze off my ring finger on the right hand gives a jerk. Luckily for me this action gets translated to the right click of the mouse.
    Just imagine if if it was the index finger, I would be deleting something !!