Thursday, September 5, 2013

Knuckle knock teacher

We have to give it to the social media. No other forum offers such a powerful platform to connect and share affection. Teachers in India might have been overwhelmed on Thursday (Teachers' Day) by the outpour of love from social media users. Educationalists well deserve the spotlight as they shape the minds of the children, who in turn, chart the course of the society.
Funnily, the attitude towards teachers seems to have changed in the last few years. Earlier, teachers were feared by students (out of respect). Now, in most cases, it is the other way around (not out of respect).
I know a teacher who was dedicated. A talkative girl repeatedly disturbed the class and so the teacher asked her to leave. The girl did so. The next day, the teacher had to leave too – her job. The influential girl convinced the management that the teacher was too strict and inefficient.
During my school days, a teacher used a foot ruler to punish students. One day, it was my turn, as I did not answer a question. He hit my knuckles so hard that I cried out. “This pain is not your enemy, it’s your friend,” he philosophized. Such ideas are outdated. I can still feel the pain and never scored well in his subject. I do not agree that such punishments help improve children.
By the way, talking about Teachers' Day, I can understand celebrating World Toilet Day or World Television Day, but World Keyboard Day leaves me amused.
Well, I cannot complain as I am using the keyboard to write this.


  1. Hi Ramesh! I am back. Glad to be visiting your blog after so long. You are right, the hitting and pinching never helped improve; but kind words of wisdom did!

    Enjoy the keyboard!

  2. Let us salute our teachers on this Teachers Day

  3. You are right. Most teachers today are neither feared nor respected.

  4. Everything changes with time, including the style of education:)

  5. They'll invent almost anything!

  6. I remember my French teacher throwing a blackboard rubber at students who weren't paying attention - something that wouldn't be permissible today I'm pleased to say.

  7. reading your blog after so long always love to the blog :)
    happy teachers day ..lets respect them and give them their dues ..for where we are today :)

  8. Yes , one has to be careful being a teacher, for even if you are good but strict, you never know how the student may respond to your strict attitude.
    It is also sad that we hear so many horror stories of students suffering in the hands of the teachers. Such behavior is not good both for the students and the teachers.
    Coming to your blogs after a long time, and it is as refreshing as ever.

  9. Wonderful post, well written about the educations system, how it used to be and what turn it is taking in the present day!! :) Cheers!! :)