Saturday, September 28, 2013

Life is not sweet

Have a contest for misers and he will easily pass off as Number One. He travels by bicycle, shuts off lights at home and hardly dines out at restaurants.
“Why waste money!” is his favourite line.
I met him recently after a long time.
I was in an ecstatic mood as my daughter had got pay increment and sent me some money.
I dragged him to a branded shop and ordered coffee.
“Why waste money. Water is enough,” he said.
“Life is short. Make it sweet,” I philosophised.
Uncomfortably he sipped the coffee. We then went around a mall where I splurged.
When we were about to part, I took him to a sweet shop and ordered expensive sweets.
“Take it home buddy,” I told him, opening my wallet.
Thundering typhoons. I had run out of cash.
“Pay it now. I will pass on the money later,” I requested him.
He pleaded with the shopkeeper to cancel the order, but ultimately I convinced him to pay.
“Life may be short. But it is definitely not sweet,” he grumbled.


  1. This piece is definetely short and sweet :)

  2. Was that a ploy to make him pay?;)

  3. Plastic money would have come in handy

  4. Nice and funny! :) Philosophy is good, only rarely it doesn't work out as it is supposed to be!! :)

  5. Hey I am back!! I used to read your blog and write mine like 3 years ago and I am back and catching up ! Hope all is well!! :)