Friday, November 8, 2013

Waist challenge

Waist size has become a weighty challenge all around.
During my school days, thanks to ignorance, stout people used to be proud of their size. Whenever I or my brothers engaged in mischief, my father would name an obese relative to scare us.
The effect of obesity is now visible even on social occasions. We had invited guests for a recent festival. Half the food remained on the table after the lunch, as half the guests said they were not to supposed to “touch this or eat that.”
"No sugar for me," said one. "Not much salt for me," said another. The third one rejected rice, citing it as a cause for obesity.
It is surprising sugar prices do not fall considering that most people I know do not even look at sweets.
My wife had a sweet taste of this experience when the doctor told that her sugar level had reached 300 and she had choose between sugar or losing some organ. Mortally scared, she resorted to starvation, skipping rice, walking every day and even fighting less with her husband. Within a week, the score was 130.
“Discipline. That holds the key,” remarked the doctor, sounding like a teacher. My wife, a teacher herself, could only smile like a naughty student spared punishment.


  1. Dear RameshJI, I know exactly what you mean....recently, I stopped sugar intake because I saw what diabetes has done to my parents' health and I think it's better to take measures early especially when you have it in the family. Hope your wife s fine and is going to be careful about her health. Convey our warm regards to her pls.

  2. Aaaaah!!! So very relatable! These days I have started taking walking seriously! Trying to walk as much as I can!

  3. That's right Ramesh Uncle. Discipline is the key. Nowadays obesity is a really major concern and I feel earlier people start disciplining their eating and exercise habits the more they will be fruitful in the future.


  4. being health conscious required a lot of discipline patience and perseverance. A salute from my side to all those people. Your wife deserves one too.

  5. heheh! a sweet and salty post it is! I do not prefer sweets and most people I know avoid sweets because of medical reasons! the last three lines were awesome!


  6. discipline is the key ..but for most of people the are off the leash when it comes to food!!
    :)no wonder obese level among oldies are more common!!

  7. Fighting less was the part you must have missed most!

  8. We go for our daily walks like a ritual now!We have to!

    I can follow diet but not stop arguing with my husband! Your wife is great in that matter!

  9. Discipline is the word. But,why is it that we tend to learn only after we have gone through the trouble ourselves.
    With my personal experience i can tell you Sugar,and Salt are bad.....stay away

  10. I think moderation also has a part to play.

  11. Yes, it is indeed a challenge, people find it hard when it comes to restricting themselves from delicious food. Good post, informative and funny. Your wife has done a great job, hard work and discipline make life better! :)

  12. Ramesh Bhai, you have an award waiting at Beyond Barriers... please visit and collect it :) I've given 5 fun questions, but the choice is yours - you can either make a post on your blog or quickly answer them in the comments column of the post. Take care, cheers!! :)

  13. Yes, I remember those when being Vatta Saatam was considered very healthy, men who were like that eating mounds of rice ( that too white rice), and having at least a dozen idlies with coconut chutney, having ghee like water, and having the body of total flab, with very little exercise. Now Vatta sattam means a very good muscular body, gained with hard gym work, and healthy dieting for life.
    Even people who never exercised are now forced to take a stroll in the name of walking.
    Whether people like it or not we always have only brown rice/ red rice/ hand pounded It tastes good. And very little sugar and oil.
    People can get used to such a diet if they make an effort.
    Nice topic, enjoyed the humor in it.

  14. and then what happened? Did the sugar levels stay within control?

  15. Discipline is the key, yes, but sometimes people do tend to take it overboard without understanding the basic principles of dieting.