Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dirty thoughts

An old photo of mine taken in Dubai
Seeing me pensive, my colleague commented, “It’s thoughts that give us pain. We can change it.”
I thought about it.
“It’s thought that gives us pleasure too,” I countered.
We laughed and parted.
I again thought about thoughts.
I have this habit of going for a long walk and doing some exercises at the awesome Sharjah corniche area whenever I manage to wake up early.
This week I perched myself on a concrete slab, closed my eyes and kept rotating my head as part of yoga.
In a few seconds, a tornado of thoughts lashed my mind. A happy occasion expected in the family, never-ending money challenge, feud with my best friend and graceful ageing. It was all twirling like inside a washing machine. I got lost in the ocean of thoughts.
Suddenly, there was a sound.
Was it a lion roaring or a cat mewing? I swiftly opened my eyes.
There was a burly youth standing next to me.
“Good morning,” he smiled.
I reciprocated, but my eyes immediately fell on the wallet and cap I had placed nearby.
They were intact.
He praised my concentration. How will he know about the war inside my mind!
“Can I join you?” he asked.
I made a demonstration of some exercises that I had learnt in school.
Impressed, he thanked me, picked up his skipping rope and moved off cheerfully.
I felt ashamed.
Why did I look for my wallet and doubt such a good guy from Africa! (That my wallet is mostly empty is another matter).
Thoughts: I do not understand whether they are dirty by default system.


  1. ha ha...good post :) I guess thoughts play mischief in the mind and they can be all sorts :) Cheers!!

  2. I too have this habit of doubting people nowadays. I was not like this until a few years back. Age?!

  3. I read a quote somewhere "Worry makes small things get a big shadow". Seems to be your case.

  4. Mischief is OK ,but,it mustn't ever worry you

  5. Dont regret that you immediately looked at your wallet. That is the only way you can live these days.

  6. You have a flexible body as well as a flexible mind :)

  7. I would say those are human instincts. To be wary of our possession when we are jolted out of our senses :-)

  8. It is that way coz we have trained it to be so.... If we try to put 100 bad thoughts away from our minds there will be thousands of bad thoughts fighting to reach the spot... I bet its all in the mind game... Let me give a try to bring on only the good thoughts.