Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The pleasure of grumbling

“You waste so much time on the social media,” my friend expressed his concern.
“I enjoy being part of the virtual world,” I replied.
He continued, “Many people write trivial stuff. One wrote how he was enjoying an ice-cream and another mentioned she was cooking. There was a woman who complained about her toothache for four consecutive days. I know a man who only writes ‘Good morning and take care’ every day.”
“But there are lots of positive things,” I countered.
“Like what?”
“I have connected with several worthy friends worldwide and get updates about their wellbeing. People have managed to get employment through social media. Birthday, wedding or sad news – we get to hear everything about our near ones instantly. There is healthy debate on almost all subjects,” I elaborated. 
He refused to give up.
“I am also fed up of abbreviations. I saw people writing “HBD” for happy birthday. Do you think they are so hard-pressed for time?”
I did not want to convince him any more.
“With so many complaints, have you decided to boycott the social media?”
“Am I mad?” he almost slapped me. “I love grumbling.”


  1. This is too good! Thanks for the morning laugh, Ramesh!

  2. Ha ha 😊 at least he admits.

  3. Funny!! :) I guess it was idle grumbling!! :)

  4. Lol... one funny grumbling ;)
    You have an award waiting on my blog, do check out

  5. Grumbling and worrying: My favourite pass-times :)

  6. Yeah a new vent for grumbling... FB and Twitter:)

  7. Ufhh the social media...its a waste of time..
    oh wait..I have to post this first on my fb wall. :) :p

  8. Ha.Do you know,there are a set of people who are on social media only to grumble

  9. Haha ! Yeah social media is not just for the tech savvy its for vent anger, happiness, show off and even grumble !

  10. LOL.. There are hundreds of grumblers like this.. :)

  11. Ha Ha Ha...
    The grumbling part is too good. :)

    Keep it up.

  12. Good one, hahaha... don't we all love grumbling :) ;)