Saturday, December 14, 2013

Perfume attack

Naïve actions of some stupid people land others in a mess.
My friend was engrossed in his work when a colleague took out a low-priced body spray from his bag and splashed all over. Most of the perfume splattered on my friend’s face. There was not even as much of a “sorry” from the misbehaving employee.
My friend just joked, “Next time use an original branded perfume.”
I was once sitting on the floor at home and reading a newspaper when a guest asked for talcum powder. I showed him the dressing table and went back to reading when it started raining powder all over my head, newspaper and the floor.
To add insult to injury, the guest gave some solid knocks on my head “to clear the powder.”

Idiosyncrasies of some people, including my brother, never end. An elderly relative visited home and sat on the sofa when my brother, a yoga trainer, began stretching his legs in different directions.
The elderly man tried to dodge and almost got kicked on the face (unintentionally, of course) before he escaped to another room.


  1. hehe! what an enjoyable post! such pple are called 'Fuhad' in our tongue!!

  2. Insensitive people...we can see them everywhere!

  3. I had posted a comment..Seems it vanished.Anyway enjyed reading your post.

  4. Ramesh, It takes all kinds of people to make this world

  5. An asthma sufferer I was once very ill on a plane when the person seated directly in front of me decided to try out her duty free perfume. Some people just do not think.

  6. ha ha...funny post!! :) Yeah there are such people who never seem to learn from their mistakes!!