Saturday, April 19, 2014

‘Breathtaking’ idea

What is green economy to you?
A private company posed this question to visitors at the Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition (Wetex 2014) in Dubai.
The visitors were asked to write down their views on a notice board.
It elicited varied and interesting reactions, highlighting a growing awareness among people about environmental challenges and green solutions.
“Retain comfort but use less resources,” “Bring back Chipko Movement” (Hugging trees to protect them from being felled), “We cut trees for paper and write in it, save trees,” “Close AC in afternoon summer,” Reduce traffic by changing school timings” and “Solar schools” were among the suggestions.
An Emirati national who was writing on the board in Arabic told this correspondent, “If we do not care about the environment, who will?”
There were others who recommended, “Start from the base, start from the children, they are the base of the future,” “Use blackboards in office than white boards,” and “Stop technology and increase manual work.”
One had a scary suggestion: “Breathe less – generate less CO2.”