Sunday, April 27, 2014

Perils of multitasking

During my college days, when a neighbour used to enter a restroom with a newspaper on hand, his brother would mock him saying, “One thing at a time, stupid.”
Talk about multitasking, things seem to have come a long way.
The other day, I noticed a woman taking her morning walk while reading a book and earplugs on.
My friend just shared with me his latest experience.
It was the weekend. His wife switched on the television to watch her favourite serial and also kept milk on the stove to prepare tea. It was then that her sister called on the phone.
The gossip session began, when a relative of my friend entered with his wife and naughty child.
In minutes, the house turned into a war zone with the child throwing things around.
The parents would “admonish” the child in a loving tone, “Don’t do that baby.”
But which baby ever cared if “reproached” in such loving tones?!
A cartoon show replaced the wife’s favourite serial.
The overheated milk spilt.
By the time, the guests left, the wife had completed her much-awaited sentence, “All your relatives are like that.”
Yes, one thing at a time is best, but may not be a norm anymore.
Despite the repeated warning by authorities not to speak on the cellphone while driving, I often find motorists risking their own lives and others’ by doing so.
I recently saw a motorist driving with a burger on one hand and earplugs on. A cute woman was also passing by, distracting his attention.


  1. Gosh... I believe in multitasking but I make a mental list of things I want to do & how I wish to go about. Plus, I get into these when I don't have any interference.

  2. Tell me about it.. How can it be cool to risk one's life and that of others? Still kids think it is cool .! I wish they kept the books and earplugs for metro rides and not for cars !

  3. Ramesh bhai helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo .. how are you .. rememeber me :)

    oooh poor driver I wonder what he was doing , listening eating or WATCHING :) he he he he


  4. Remembering my room mate who go to toilet with a tooth brush in his mouth, a magazine on his hand and music blaring full volume.