Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Awkward moments

Every one of us goes through awkward moments at some stage in life.  I have had my bit too.
It was an hour-long walking session at the beautiful Sharjah Corniche, where I saw awesome people of different nationalities. I exchanged greetings with a couple of known faces. When I returned to my building, the watchman smiled and said: “You have worn your T-shirt the wrong way.”
I only hope the pretty people who crossed my path that day considered it the latest fashion.
There were a couple of newcomers in my neighborhood. I was chatting with a boy. Pointing out at a tall guy passing by, I mentioned, “This fellow thinks too much of himself.”
The boy looked surprised but asked politely, “Why do you think so?”
“He claims to be a lawyer and acts as if he is a judge,” I replied.
“Have you interacted with him?” the boy asked.
“Once or twice, but I do not have a great impression.” I went on.
“You should try talking to him more. My brother is not so bad,” the boy smiled, leaving me absolutely embarrassed. I had learnt my lesson on the evil of backbiting.
An elderly teacher shared with me her embarrassing moment.
Her primary class students were innocent but naughty. One boy broke the silence in the class by asking, “Maam, can I ask you a question?”
“Go ahead.”
“Are you pregnant?”
“Sit down,” shouted the embarrassed, obese teacher.
Before the boy sat down, another commented, “How can she be pregnant, you stupid. She is old.”
The teacher joined a gym the next day.


  1. Moral of the story is, walk, go to the gym, do whatever.... but keep your mouth shut!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. he he he he ... I better start gym then donw want people making jokes at me now


  3. :) Many awkward moments to pen down :) How you been?

  4. :) Many awkward moments to pen down :) How you been?

  5. I really dislike precocious kids, the teacher should have given a tight slap on his face.

    the lawyer one was good!