Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bruce Lee, philosophica-Lee

Don’t remember whether I had mentioned about this earlier. But Bruce Lee is one of my greatest heroes and I should talk about this. I told a friend that martial arts hides in itself grand philosophy. He laughed. I explained:
There is a scene in Enter The Dragon where Bruce Lee wields the “nun chak,” hits all the enemies, bam bam dishum dishum, and runs into a tiny enclosure. Suddenly, a gate closes, he turns right, another gate shuts and well, all four sides are closed in a fraction of a second. Clearly trapped, all he does is put the “nun chak” on his shoulder, sit quietly in a meditative pose and sport a kingly look. Oof, what poise! When all the doors have shut, what is the point in clenching your fist and banging against iron walls – even if you were Bruce Lee, king of kung fu? Just relax, and that is what the hero did and the gates opened. Don’t believe? Watch the movie again. If this is not philosophy, what is?


  1. Wonderful, insightful observation...you have helped me today. Thank you my friend. :)

  2. Hmmmm.. Bruce Lee... hmmmm

    Not a big dishum-dishum fan but I like what Mr. Bruce Lee did. :)

    Also, I don't see you responding back to comments. I'd sure like to know what your expression was when I muffle a laughter at your tiny-ager dreams :P

  3. Nice thought. Smash everything in sight with a Naan Chaaku. Get locked up for your deeds. Sit calm and let the rage flow away. If you are patient a door wil open.

    Step out and get to work with your Nan Chaaku

  4. Haven't thought about Bruce Lee in a long time. Nice post and nice blog.


  5. insightful.
    Doors around me have been closed. So I'm sitting in, relaxing. :)

  6. I loved bruce Lee in that movie. I wonder how did you remember him. I heard about him after a very very long time now..

    Great Gyan yaar. Very nice post.

    " Even a greatest macho man is child at heart" that what i liked about bruce lee.

    Take care

  7. Wonderful way of looking at it !!!

    I am a fan of bruce lee...

    I dont think any one can beat any one with the amount of anger and intesity this man could.

    He was truly the king of heroes !

  8. Yes, when all the roads get closed, you are left with only the wait-and-watch policy.

    Nice piece of philosophy.

  9. Hi Ramesh, how ru, actually my net was not working, on 6th iam going to india for 10 days, there is an interview, wish me luck buddy...

  10. Ahh, you philosopher, you...
    Did I tell you you’re a gem?

  11. martial arts do involve a great deal of philosophy, i believe this! It is the philosophy of discipline,self-control, and patience, among others.

  12. even i like his fight scenes in the few movies i have seen.
    That was nice post

  13. nice to see philsophy of martial arts
    Good post
    Keep it Up!!

  14. He is a legend. I have seen this movie more than 5 times. It is sad to know that he left us at an early age.