Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tough nut to crack

“Slumdog” is good, but then “Lagaan” deserved Oscars too, I told a friend.
“Shut up, you peanut,” he reacted.
“No hassle, peanuts are poor man’s cashew nuts,” I replied.
“But a peanut is a peanut by whatever name you call it.”
“Well, do you know that peanut is an ingredient in the making of a dynamite?” I asked him.
“In that case, I will drop the pea, but you are still a nut,” he joked.
“Certain qualities are inborn while some are acquired from friends like you,” I said. “You are a hard nut to crack,” he shot back and we both went to canteen for a hot cup of tea. We ignored the peanuts lying in the tray.


  1. haha I happen to like peanuts very much, but I too would have ignored the ones in the community tray -- you don't know who has touched them!

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  3. :) :) Peanuts ke naam pe blog... nice nice. and Welcome Back and nice you see you here writing wonderfully.


  4. Hi Ramesh
    I Have got an award for you, do pick it up and please accept my love and gratitude.


  5. surely Lagaan also deserve to hit the red carpet but it didnt had any foreigners attched in its crew...

  6. Lovely short piece. Welcome back.

  7. this reminds me of a joke....a guy pays a friendly visit to an old lady....while talking to her he starts eating the peanuts on the coffee table and finishes them off. before leaving he thanks the old lady for the peanuts. she says, " yeah ever since i lost my dentures i can only suck the chocolates off them ". Lol!!!

  8. Man, I was unable to restrict myself to just a simple laugh, while reading this post.

    And the humour continued even in the comments column, well, thanks to Nituji for sharing such a nice joke.

  9. What a hot conversation over few peanuts !

  10. hey ramesh... how ru.. nice blog, great to be in touch with you again...

  11. hahaha... being a friend of urs is fun... hope to be engaged in verbal battle soon :-)

  12. Don't lie. You were definitely getting a few drinks if you had peanuts around. Don't know about Madrasis, but Mallus love to have peanuts when they are drinking :P

    Hot tea. Hah! Biggest cover up in February history!! :P

  13. Liar Liar,
    Pants on fire :P