Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cool it, buddy

Short temper is a disease and I like needling short tempered people. Last week, I casually asked a page designer, “So, what’s your programme for tomorrow?”
“Weekly off. Will relax,” he said.
I just reacted in jest. “Again off tomorrow? Last week also you took off. Every week you want weekly off?”
The dumbo failed to take it as a joke. He yelled: “You do not take weekly off or what? When I take my off, the entire world notices. You people…,” he paused, saw other colleagues laugh and understood it was just a joke.
LG is a gorgeous, short-tempered friend. We both entered a branded coffee shop. Don’t worry, she was to pay. But like Jeffery Archer wrote in Luncheon short story, my mind was on the bill. You know how branded shops charge. She had indicated it was her treat. But the male ego? Well, forget it. She placed orders, told me that it won’t be a bad idea to start a coffee shop.
“Yes,” I nodded.
“How much will this coffee machine cost?” she asked the salesgirl.
“I am not the owner maam, no idea,” she replied.
A few more questions and similar answers.
The replies infuriated my friend and a heated argument followed.
In the melee, I was forced to pay the bill and bring her out to calm her.
Hey, don’t tell me it was a tact to make me pay.
Oh, that reminds me how a sexy sanyasin made me pay for lunch in Mumbai. Tomorrow on that.


  1. Before you meet a short-tempered person the next time, better carry along with you a bottle of ice cold water.

    As soon as their temper erupts like a volcano, pour a little chilled water on their boiling head, I'm sure, you will find the water turn to steam instantly... ha ha :)

  2. lol!!!

    But seriously short temper can be bad no doubt!!!

    But why is it u who attracts bad tempered ppl ;-)

  3. now, the last line seemed more interesting to me!

    And Sire - u have to visit my writing blog, not photoblog..ok? FOLLOW ME THERE!

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  5. hmmm sexy sanyasan.... kya baat hai...

  6. like Deepak, even i am interested to know about your encounter with the 'sexy sanyasin'

    and thanks for your regular comments on my blogs... and really really sorry for the irregularity on my part...

    have been neck deep in work, office politics and family kich kich :D

  7. yes short tempered people have this disease of shouting at people unnecessarily...

    Great one again!

  8. i'm eagerly waiting for your next post;-)

  9. I have a friend with a very short fuse...I had to stop going out in public with her because she would always be so rude to people and it upset me. She never caused me to have to pay her way though. lol