Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hot iron experience

I was a paying guest at that time. My owner had bought a new carpet and was flaunting it to all his friends. “This is original Egyptian carpet,” this friend kept telling me. One day I asked him whether I could use his iron box. “Go ahead,” he said. I was merrily ironing my shirt when suddenly the iron box fell from its vertical position and, lo and behold, what have I done! I was actually sitting on the same new carpet. The little cloth I had kept above it had moved. The hot iron box left an indelible mark on the carpet. “I will never forget you in my life,” said my friend, his face as red as the iron box mark on the carpet. “But you can forgive me,” I pleaded.
That was not all. That same day, another pal, FH, came to visit me. He went to the loo. And returned with a crestfallen face.
“What happened?”
“I broke the toilet lid. Let me pay the repair charges,” he said.
All this happened during my first month in Sharjah.
Your guess is right. I was thrown out of the house the same month.
Why do I mention all this after eight years? Well, yesterday, a cousin of mine who is temporarily staying with me did the same mischief to me.
Plz do not tell my wife that her loved possession, a majenta colour Turkish bed cover, now flaunts a lovely hot iron mark. Just like a handsome boy kissed by a beautiful girl with her lipsticks on.


  1. really sorry for what happened to that precious carpet! i remember a worse scenario when i was younger. i was ironing in haste on top of my bed when the iron accidentally flipped over and hit my leg! imagine the black mark it left there! good thing the scar lightened now and barely noticeable!

  2. :) happens... lol ! we all are quite clumsy at times !

  3. I think these things happen to remind us that possessions should not be valued more than our friends and family.:)

  4. Ohh boy !!! i sure would not want to be in your shoes now . do keep us posted on how your wife took the red mark on her favorite bed cover. Lol!!

  5. lol!!! Can't start to imagine your wife's reaction :) Would advise you to steer clear!

    By the way, it certainly seems like you men are more likely to do this.. In all the years that I have wielded the iron - this has never happened to me. And the one time husband dear tries - he goes and burns the carpet! Must be something to do with your Y chromosome!

  6. give me ur wife's phone number.... lol

  7. Talk about clumsy to me, I bump into everything and drop anything I put my hands on. Hope my friends are not reading ;-)

  8. ha ha ha.... sorry couldnt stop laughing at this...

    Nice post. Keep writing and make us smile all through your blog.

    take care

  9. What goes around, comes around! lolz...

    Hope ur wife doesn't shout too much at you!

  10. lol!...hope your wife doesn't do to you what you did to her bed sheet!

  11. :-) thats my reaction

    thx for visiting my blog & sorry i cudnt mek up 2 urs as March work load has streched till april
    hope 2 catch u soon
    take care

  12. That was really good.
    Blogs have become so common and most of them are flooded with serious theme-writings, so your post was a kind of refreshment. The latter half was specially appreciable and quite reflective in its own way, brings a lot out, about men and women, doesn't it?

    Anyways, please have look at my blog, and comment if possible,

    Manoshij Banerjee


  13. tnx for following my blogs.however, I am moving them to one site at http://elishagayhidalgo.blogspot.com/
    hope to see you there!Thanks!

  14. dear sassy reporter
    am not able to assess yr new blog..dunno why

  15. This bed-cover burning thing has happened so many times, that I have now stopped ironing my clothes...I send them to the laundry. The bed-cover is fine now, but cannot say the same about one of my favourite shirts.

  16. Just like a handsome boy kissed by a beautiful girl with her lipsticks on....

    Awesome comparison!
    Though I wish I knew your wife! would have made her read this ;)

    I am in Bangalore...doin my internship..have started working after a gap of an year..so had been busy settling and all..what about ur India trip? Where are u?