Thursday, April 9, 2009

Strange encounter

I was crossing the Sharjah subway to reach my office when this well dressed young man approached me.
“You speak English?” he asked me.
Stunned by the stranger’s strange question, I replied: “A little.”
“You see. I have lost my job but luckily a new company has offered me one. But they say I have to cancel the visa. Do you think there is any problem?”
He was looking neat but pitiable. “Why do you worry. You say that they have given you the offer letter. So what hassle?”
“No they say that if my visa is delayed, other applicants’ also will be delayed. Why do they say that?”
The discussion went on in the same pattern. I could judge he was deeply disturbed like several hundreds who had lost jobs.
“Which company you have applied to?” I asked.
“I do not want to tell you that,” he said.
“Where are you from?”
“It does not concern you,” he replied though innocently.
“Why don’t you go back to your country?”
I asked.
“Cannot do that. I have lots of dues to settle.”
“Don’t worry. That job is yours,” I tried to convince him, moving towards my office.
“Anyway thanks,” he said and quietly stepped away.
Well, the social impact of recession is just beginning to show.


  1. The worst part is that things will get even worse before they turn for the better...

  2. Panicking will take control and make a victim of a drowning man. His frightened state represents how many are feeling indeed. I hope he and everybody else is able to find peace and realize the control and opportunity that we do have. You have a good heart Ramesh, I am sure he appreciates your attempt to help him. Peace.

  3. I feel so sad for the youngsters esp. in the software line. They are used to well paid jobs and now, when they feel insecure, they are the ones who get more upset than normal salaried people. Or should we say that they will be careful with their money in the future. Savings will gain back its place. Using of credit cards will reduce, impulsive buying will stop. Hope after a short break, the golden period will restart.

  4. Yes!I hope and Pray that we all recover from it soon.

  5. Hey they say, there's an upward trend on improvement now. Recession is in the minus now..slowly decresing. That's wot I heard last.

  6. Your post shows how recession can impact human values.

  7. "Too many dues" is another disease of the consumer world. We take it for granted that jobs will be there forever and we can clear all dues. First rule should be to avoid dues. If you cannot, then minimize them. Only way you can do that is also to minimize your wants. But, when you turn into a "consumer" from a "human being" you have to spend money else you feel you are not successful. Once in this trap it's not easy to find your way out.

  8. How are you doing, Ramesh? Just wanted to say hi and wish you a wonderful day. :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by. Was on vacation in Srinagar in the beautiful state of J&K. Will update later this week

  10. Dear Ramesh Bhai,

    Yes, recession is quite frustrating; hoping for the good days to be back soon.

    Thanks for passing by, I was on a long vacation; now I'm back.

    There's a token of friendship waiting for you to pick up over at my blog; come and take it...

  11. But friend there are still job opportunities for youngsters amidst recession.

  12. Umm...did you check your pockets afterwards?