Monday, November 9, 2009

Facing the steam of life

Routine sucks and so decided to take a short break during Christmas time and visit Chennai/Mumbai. Will have to wait for a month. It seems air fares always soar high, never to land. Hey, not grumbling buddy. This is just a common man’s perennial complaint.
After booking a ticket, I entered a restaurant in Rolla, Sharjah, with a friend for “Vada” breakfast.
“Enna venum? (What do you want?) asked the waiter.
He hardly looked a Madrasi.
“Where the heck are you from?” I asked instantly.
“Why? I am from Kathmandu,” he replied.
“How come, such fluent Tamil?”
“If you work in a Rolla restaurant for 10 years like me, you will also pick up at least seven languages,” he replied, looking at my friend and shifting to Malayalam.
“Shall we consider the offer?” joked my friend.
Free accommodation, food.., he listed.
I frequent many restaurants for dinner. I know how these workers slog several hours a day. Many of them get hardly two days’ off in a month and their pay is pathetic to say the least. They are mostly cheerful, but behind the fa├žade they face challenges one cannot imagine.
“Have a good day,” I told the Nepali friend, dragged my companion out and moved on.


  1. :-) Grass always looks greener the other side, until sanity prevails that is!!

  2. Aww Ramesh, you are so thoughtful. Many don't take time to walk in another person's shoes for a minute and consider their hardships. Makes me proud to call you my friend! Namaste

  3. In UAE, many people like these waiters, construction workers earn very less. They have to do this for their family.

  4. But you have to recognise their talent.

  5. humm,, we realize how fortunate we are only when we look down at the not-so-fortunate.

  6. such an intelligent chap the waiter is...nice post :)

  7. Why did he even know which language to speak with you?

    Are servers paid so bad because we don't want to pay a decent price for food?

  8. Caught you !!You suggest me a bus ride 56565 and book an air ticket for yourself..RAM RAM!!
    Interesting chap,i hope you tipped him well. You are a kind heart,i know you did.

  9. A very thoughtful post!

  10. Smart waiter:-).

    Ya, you are right...behind the smiles they will have stories of travails!

  11. good one ...u might find millions in SIngapore :)

    I too write humour...become a follower at

  12. You manage to see a story in every interaction, ever considered writing a book or have you already written one and I do not know about it?

  13. A nice one. You are right. Smiles can be deceptive.

  14. That was interesting, many of the labours from India who work in the gulf lead such pathetic lives, its unimaginable, and yet they continue, So I figure, they must be making more than what they would back home..